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    Please consider including in a dLive firmware update the mic presets that are part the GLD and Qu series.


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    we are professional users
    please not

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    Not to be ugly but for the life of me I can’t understand why anyone using a dLive needs mic presets anyway. At that level you should know how to EQ a mic. Those are just someone’s suggestions and opinion. Will rRrly be right for the given situation. Use your ears.

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    I agree wholeheartedly that we don’t want this sort of useless consumer cruft. It brings up the broader topic of feature creep, which eventually affects most technological products. I find the dLive to be pretty damn good as it is, in large part because it isn’t more complicated than it needs to be. I hope that A&H will be very selective in adding features and complexity. New features need to solve a problem that a significant number of professional users actually have. For inspiration think Boeing, not Toyota.


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    Yes just use professional ears.
    I only use presets that I have made.
    However I don’t have a SQ OR dLive… Yet…

    I do see a model or a need for some people or organisations having these pre-set mic setings…

    I wouldn’t want them. just more clutter

    Maybe this ought to be an install option?

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    as a professional you really don’t need any foreign presets.

    the presets in the Qu, I have taken a look at them. sometimes they are quite similar, but some of them don’t match my approach at all. it’s just a question of how you work there.

    a thought-provoking impulse:
    if we all used the same settings, there would be no sound differences anymore. and exactly because of these differences we are booked. everyone has their own personal idea, how to reach the goal. and that’s a good thing.
    if everything sounded the same, you could do the job with robots.

    for mixing beginners and (forgive me) for most musicians who use the QU itself, such presets are a blessing.
    but in the dLive class you should be ready to do it yourself.

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    At first I was going to be dismissive and derogatory about this idea as I wouldn’t use it, then I thought that would make me a hypocrite as I am guilty of using Ben Bookers excellent multiband comp as a starting point on more than one occasion.
    I assume I am not the only one? That then brings the question should we deny other people that option, well maybe not, however I don’t see the benefit as most PA systems sound slightly different it is not a one size fits all, better spend time educating people to do the job properly but then that is true of so many things.
    Merry Christmas and a happy new year.
    Ho, Ho,Ho.
    Mr B.

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    There will never be any sameness since everyone is using different speaker/amp/processing combinations and different acoustical situations. It all factors in. It’s no more than a sales tool to beginners. That’s fine. I deal with people all the time who have no idea how to EQ mics. That’s why on an install I usually do that by attending a couple or few services to tweak all their mics and save scenes and libraries as a reference point for them.

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    I don’t see any problem to include this – you don’t have to use them…..
    I wouldn’t use them by mysevles, but for someone it can be a advise to look after for where to cut with lowpas and so on.
    I think its a little cocky to sa absolutely “NO” to this, i don’t think any at A&H use lot of energy to copy this presets into Dlive. Its like a synth, full of presets – i always do some tweaking anyway.

    Happy christmas, A&H-fellows

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    I don’t see anyone being overconfident in saying “no”.
    i just think it’s a lot of work for the developers at the moment. the wishlists up to the optimal dlive-system are still quite long.
    if you ever get bored there, you can still do it.

    ho ho ho 😉
    merry christmas!

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    if we want more processing models then we have to think about this
    at the moment we switch between processing models by recalling library presets
    if we have to choose from a long list it takes much longer to switch

    since we want EQ models this behavior affects the mic preset thing as well

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    I’m not a professional user…but a band member and I would need the more preset that are possible…for channel eq, compression, gate, fx parameters, ecc…just as starting point!

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