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    Hey guys,

    I’ve had no issues recording on SD with my cq20b for awhile, so didn’t think anything of it when I did a stretch of 3 shows recording to SD.

    Unfortunately, they all have an issue where every few seconds the recording jumps a few seconds. In other words, I’m missing small split seconds of recording where the audio drops a word fraction of beat, but continues on (rather than inserting silence).

    All the recordings used the same SD card, and were fairly high on the multitrack channel count (like 16-18 channels recording simultaneously). Knee-jerk reaction is to blame either of those two things, but I REALLY need to know what the issue actually was if I hope to lessen the likelyhood of it happening again.

    How can I troubleshoot this to determine what is causing this issue? One of the shows was for a live video recording, so I’m bracing myself to swallow my pride and admit to the client that my gear failed and I didn’t run a simultaneous recording through the USB interface.


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    Ok, so I think I’ve found my problem. Here’s the troubleshooting steps I took, for others who come across this thread with a similar issue:

    1. Checked audio in another DAW (Audacity), still stutters.
    2. Re-copied files from SD card to computer, still stutters.
    3. Used Windows “Check disk” on SD card, no errors.
    4. Ran playback of the SD card from the CQ itself, still stutters.
    5. Considered use of a more in depth Check Disk utility, then referred back to the recommended SD card specs from A/H.
    6. Beat myself up over the fact that I had used an SDXC card rather than SDHC.

    So yeah, the speed difference between the recommended SDHC and SDCX clearly bottlnecked the write and caused my issue. Muddafuka.

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