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    Quick question: Can you connect an Avantis to a DM64? Either using the Avantis as a surface, or using the DM64 as an I/O point for the Avantis? Here is the context:

    We have a S7000 and a DM64 in our main Sanctuary connected to all of our Shure ULXD Mics and Shure PSM1000 IEMs. About 200 feet away from our sanctuary rack room we have an outdoor amphitheater that I have been asked to equip for an outdoor worship night this summer. Best case scenario I can run some antenna cables with powered extenders/powered antennas and I can use all of our wireless gear without removing the rack mount transmitters/receivers from our Sanctuary rig. Our ULXD mics are setup dante, so I can pull them across our network no issues. But Shure PSM1000 IEMs are not Dante compatible, so they are run XLR into our DM64. I was hoping to not have to un-patch all of our IEM sends and route them to a pair of DT168s that I have to drop in our existing rack room, so here begs the question: Can you connect an Avantis and a DM64 directly? I know I can drag my S7000 outside, but my Avantis is already setup in a mobile rig and much easier to maneuver. Thanks for any insight or thoughts!

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    The Avantis cannot function as a “surface” for a DLive Mixrack.

    If you wish to connect a DLive Mixrack to the Avantis to share I/O, there are a couple of choices. First, you can connect the two systems together using matching Madi, Dante, or Waves I/O expansion cards in each system. It sounds like you already have Dante cards installed in both systems, so this is probably the easiest method. Route the needed IEM aux sends from the Avantis over Dante and into the DLive over Dante which will then be sent out over the analog outputs to the IEM transmitters already connected to the MixRack. You’ll likely need to change the routing on the Avantis, Dante Controller, and the MixRack for all this to work however.

    Second, you can connect the two systems together using GigaAce. This will require a GigaAce card to be installed in the MixRack (or Surface) that you connect to the Avantis. You cannot use the built in GigaAce ports on the MixRack/Surface for this purpose – it will require an GigaAce I/O card. If you are not using the built in SLink port on the Avantis, the MixRack can be connected to that port. If you are using the SLink port for something else (connected stage boxes, or ME system), then you’ll need a GigaAce I/O card installed in the Avantis as well.

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