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    1) Power cycling either rack or mixer (when connected) produces crazy feedback for a second or two
    This should be adressed 🙂

    2) Store confirmation!!!
    this is critical, you have no idea if you stored a scene if that scene number already has a name

    3) Scene recall indication (i.e.: last scene: xx)
    3b) fade time on scenes, but this has already been promised

    4) Insert scene, re-order scene

    5) i/o change confirmation (especially if re-patching / “stealing” a patch

    6) Much more extensive safe-matrix

    7) Delay on matrix

    8) Hi-pass on output (maybe low band option)

    9) Reset single ch-strip element instead of whole channel

    10) Copy/paste single ch-strip element instead of whole channel

    11) Strip assign screen is clunky
    this screen has large elements with no contents instead of fitting more ch’s, busses etc in the overview in the top. Should be changed.
    to botton part of the screen could easily fit 16 squares corresponding to 16 faders instead of 8 blocks of nothing.

    12) Strip assign screen needs range function to pull multiple faders to a bank at once

    13) Strip assign screen needs a “reset/empty bank” function to clear all faders from a bank/layer. Same for UDK’s.

    14) Control EQ with touch screen
    Would be nice to be able to pull the eq points up/down/sideways to control gain/freq

    14b) EQ Gestures on touch screen
    gestures like pinch to control Q

    15) Control dynamics on touch screen

    16) FX parameters on screen when fx fader selected
    maybe just on sends, so we still have processing only visible on returns

    17) Group “view” button from ch-routing view, like with dca’s and mute groups
    view button works great on dca’s and mute groups. Add it to groups too 🙂

    18) hi-pass filter on fx sends (on dLive too, please!)
    I know there’s a filter built into most fx, but not all. A filter on the send would be wonderful.

    19) USB keyboard support
    makes naming channels and scenes a lot faster

    20) When connecting an AR2412 and an AB168, the last eight inputs on the AB168 don’t make it to the console

    21) When Using ME-1’s out of an AR2412 something weird happens on the ME’s when taking the signal from stereo-channels on the SQ. Haven’t had time to investigate properly, but making the channels mono, the weirdness goes away.

    22) Linking channels without making them stereo would be nice, too.

    23) Width control on stereo-channels

    24) LOVE(!) the ch-to-all-mix button 🙂
    Great implementation, now that there are no mix-buttons over the faders.

    This can finally be the 19″ mixer that does at least the same as the LS9-16, which had an adequate safe-matrix, fade time on scene change (selectable pr channel) and delay on all outputs more than 10 years ago. I know you’re probably worried about internal cannibalism, but you should be way more worried about people buying other brands. Just make the best product you possible can at each price point.

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    KeithJ A&H

    Hi jonaslydfolket,

    Wow, thanks for the input!
    A lot of these are planned, and there are updates in the coming weeks for a couple already.
    I have noted those that were not already on the list too.



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    More Suggestions.
    The need for user profiles.
    Factory presets for the processing parameters accessed in Libraries


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    A small one : like the gld if you are in aux ore group send the name somewhere in the display.

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    Provide a key filter ( selectable frequency) on gate control for each channel ( as in the Presonus SL series III mixer).


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    another suggestion for the strip assignment screen:

    in the lower area, fader cannot be pushed to another position.
    you first have to empty the fader and then drag the same input from the top to another position. it would be nice if this would work like in dLive.

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    +1 for the enhanced fader reorder function.

    Here some comments on the above mentioned requests:
    “20) When connecting an AR2412 and an AB168, the last eight inputs on the AB168 don’t make it to the console”
    With the current firmware you have access to the inputs 33-40 by tapping the SLink Button a second time. In fact SLink can handle 128 inputs by tapping several times on the SLink button.

    “23) Width control on stereo-channels”
    This is also already available at the input page.

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    What a great desk! One suggestion is that when a channel fader is moved it automatically ‘selects’ that channel



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    That would need to be an option. I would not want that happening without it being a choice.

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    What happens if I move several faders at once?

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    Yes it would have to be an option. If you move several faders at once the last moving fader would probably be the one selected. Its not a new thing, it is on other boards 🙂

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    That hasn’t worked on any other desk that tried it, Avid for instance, just drives you mad. the whole touch fader channel select thing is the devils work.

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    That was also my experience when I had a Roland.

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    That is the great thing about it being an option, just turn it off if you don’t like it. I personally loved it on my previous board

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    Making the compressor on each channel pre/post eq switchable as it is on an m32 to be able to have channel compression on my sends that I keep pre eq. What’s the point of having a channel compressor if it is not available when running auxes pre fade and pre insert return? When I compress my keyboards or any channel rather, I want that signal conpressed in the send to all of my wedges without compressing the over all mix. This is the only console I’ve use that doesn’t atleast automatically place the compressor pre eq for you. Even the original presonus SL24.4.2 did this.

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