• Today I had more or less the same problem with my SQ6 and V1.3. During soundcheck the proceesing screen was a complete mess up. I tried to switch screen, others worked well, and also waited some time. No change, the processing overview was not usable. A restart of the console, including a break of the soundcheck and powering of the amps, fixed it.…[Read more]

  • Maybe you misunderstood what Andy want to do. The new firmware provides a, so called, listen bus with a digital controlled master level. That level currently is only adjustable via the touch screen or the master fader when switching the mixer to the listen mode. What Andy wants is that there should also be the possibility to control that master…[Read more]

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    What about…

    Pro Tools | Ultimate software supports up to 64 channels of I/O with HD Native hardware through DigiLink, and up to 32 channels of I/O through Core Audio and ASIO

    For me that means that PT do not support more than 32 inputs when using Core audio.

  • Unfortunately not possible to have two versions of the app concurrently in the play/app store.

    Hmm, two possibilites:
    1) Every major version of the app is released individual, then cau can have a MixPad1.2 and a MixPad1.3. The only thing what should be ensured by the software that bugfix release (1.2.1, 1.2.2 or 1.3.1) are using the same…[Read more]

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    For me the USB stuff never was a serious option. The SQ can handle 48 input at once. so the SQ-Drive with 16 tracks and the USB-B interface with 32 tracks are both not able to allow me to record all 48 inputs. I also had some troubles with the USB-B in firmware 1.1 or so as well as with the SQ-Drive with some mass storage devices without finding a…[Read more]

  • Hmm, I double checked that feature right now, this was completely new for me. An a worked a lot with the X/M32. But I never came to the Idea to tap the decay time of a reverb. So, maybe you are not the only one but I am definitely not in that group;-)
    For me it is good enough to be able to adjust the reverb decay time via a soft rotary on my SQ6.

  • YOu are right USB support is not very handy on A&H consoles in general.
    First of all you have to know do not use ‘repair disk’ on windows after formatting the USB drive with the console.
    I personally have only some audio files on the stick I use for checking the sound system. all other audio files I play from an external source…[Read more]

  • I am using a SQ6 with the dante card for live sound engineering and recording.
    I would say that the quality of the preamps is more than good enough for recording purpose. If you have sound problems you would have it from the environmental situation rather than from the preamps.
    Will there be people who are not satisfied with the SQ preamp? Sure,…[Read more]

  • You can use the same input on more than one channel but they all share the same gain. but every channel also have an individual digital trim which can be used to adjust the internal channel gain. The rest opf the hannel processing (Preamp, Gate EQ, Compressor and routing) is then individual for each channel which uses that single input.

  • Hello Keith
    Thank you for the clarification. But would it be possible to add also the information of how much additional latency we have to expect when using the Stageboxes? There are some rumours about the latency of the SRC when using the dSnake devices and also when using the DX Hub. That also would be helpful to make the right decision.


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  • This is for sure a beta for a paid app since the payments are part of David‘s income. But the price for the android versions of his mixing apps is fair and worth every cent.

  • +1

  • Having a common time basis on all used devices during a show is always a bonus. Even if it is not that important how to implement such feature it is always a good idea to use an existing solution like NTP, which is now standard across all OS platforms, than reinventing the sqare wheel by creating a new mechanism.
    So my vote also goes to (X)NTP.

  • Hmm, Brian, you did not mentioned why you are struggling with the X32. So maybe you now exchange one product by another just to see you will have the same issues. For me personally the Qu was never an option to replace the X32.
    If you want to replace the X32 you should go the SQ route. It become now more and more a competitive product to replace…[Read more]

  • Short anser: no.
    They both ‚talk‘ a different network protocol. You can use the DX168 only with dLive and SQ. And you can use the QU-SB with the stageboxes AR2412,AR804 and AB168 or, when you do not use stageboxes on the QU, you can connect the QU to the SQ.
    The SQ can ,talk‘ different protocols via SLink but always one per SLink-connector at an…[Read more]

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    last Saturday I missed a de-esser desperately. I had an male singer with significant S’s. At the end I fixed the issue somehow with the channel compressor and the keyfilter. A ducking gate would be in that case the better solution but is also not available on the SQ:-(

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    In my dayjob I am software developer. So I have some insider knowledge on how development is done today. In the past most developers coming from other engineering disciplines, because IT was not or less educated in those days but they have a lot of knowledge about the so called businessdomain (in our case audio engineering and mixing desks) Today…[Read more]

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    Hmm, in my opinion the SQ is a real great device. Good size, good audio and, asfar as i can it say, also a good architecure (with some weakness e.g. the USB design). Also allot of the basic software stuff is fine. But it seems that a lot of little things are not thought to the end. An example is the missing mono matrix. Or, we now got with the new…[Read more]

  • I also did not find a solution for the PAFL output. But you can use the Listen bus together with the listen bus mode of the Main fader. On the listen bus you hear the same as on the PAFL but its level can be controlled.
    I would love to have dedicated faders for PAFL and listen bus which are assignable to fader layers as well as on soft rotaries.

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