• With V1.4.1 a MacOS version is available but, regarding to their website, only for Mojave.

  • I have created one init scene with my personal preferences and stored it init a init show. so every time I want to start a new project I use this init show and scene as a starting point. Now, with V 1.4, it would also be possible to save the init scene independently to be used in any show you like.

  • You connect the two SQ via SLink, route on the SQ7 the main mix to SLink outputs, which will be SLink inputs on the SQ6. On the SQ6 you can route this SLink inputs to local outputs via tielines.

  • But with the new version 1.4 this problem is not that important for me because now I can use my recording notebook even in live situation to change the color and the names easily.

  • First of all, on the X/M32 you can use Naming and Icon presets for the most frequent Instruments. Only special naming might be a problem. But using a remoting app will also speed up this process. But you are right, the “text editor” of the X/M32 is really bad.

    What I am missing on the SQ are the Naming Presets like we have it on GLD/dLIve even…[Read more]

  • The I-device problem is mostly down to Apple removing all older versions, no matter what the App developer says.

    If the App developer only update the same app with new versions that scenario will take place. But the app developer can either consider that scenario and write the software more robust against changes by different versions of the…[Read more]

  • For me it is, more or less ok, when the older version of the app cannot connect to the newer firmware version, even if this might also be possible. But the other way around is manageable by software. Why? Now with the new firmware the manufacturer knows both the old and the new protocol for the communication. So they only have to disable those…[Read more]

  • In general you are right, a mixer is a tool which have to do the given job.
    But some here want to have features you can find in a 600-1500€ Series but not in a 15000-30000€ Flagship series. Not to mention the 2000-4000€ Midrange series.
    What I am also missing are statements of A&H about what features they think about to implement in the futur…[Read more]

  • Thankyu for the update. What lasts long finally came to an good end;-)
    I have downloaded the MixPad for Windows and play currently around in the offfline mode. What I am missing is the possibilty to change the types of bothe the DEEP Plugins and the RackFX (especially for FX5-8).
    Also I did not found the patching of inserts and the configuration…[Read more]

  • My biggest beef is just them not being forthcoming. Nothing. No statements. Nothing.

    What should they say? „Um, yea we showed on PLS some SQs wit a Beta Version of 1.4 as a teaser but wie do not find time/cannot fix some serious bugs/our webmaster for the shop is in hospital/the tachyon impulse generator is misconfigured…my dog eats the s…[Read more]

  • Have you tried also another drive, especially one for USB 2.0? There are some reports that USB 3.0 drives can cause recording issues.

  • Mfk0815 replied to the topic Trouble with groups SQ in the forum SQ troubleshooting 1 month ago

    Using Subgroups of individual channels for a monitor mix is practically always no good idea. Most people are trying this to reduce complexity but it ends, in case you have a powerful mixing system, in a far more complex solution unlike the straight forward way of doing it without groups. You can try to use DCAs instead of the group and send the…[Read more]

  • I think that is a general issue nowadays based on centralized service centers and small stock of spare parts in those centers. So this parts have to be transported almost once over the globe. Luckily my local dealer i trust supports their customer by offering them a replacement during the broken piece is on the way. But unfortunately this is a…[Read more]

  • I have both, a dLive as well as a SQ. I also have a IP8 and would love to use it also on the SQ.

  • Mfk0815 replied to the topic DX2412? in the forum SQ general discussions 1 month, 2 weeks ago

    I think the more realistic variation to the DX168X would be either a 2HE Rackmount 16 to 8 (Similar to a Midas DL16) which can be cascasedlike the curren version or a 3216 (like Midas DL32) but which is then not cascadeable due limitiation of the used protocol. A buildin DX Hub would be sugar on the to. The 2412 do not fit the used protocol well.

  • Maybe you should think about antenna splitter and antenna combiner to reduce that horrible „forrest of antennas“. Also use some external antennas to separate iem from mics. Also think about the usage of some UPS as a replacement for the inefficient furman device. This will help you to avoid long lasting dropouts when you eventually have some pro…[Read more]

  • Past in the nineties there was a slogan in the biggest german electric company published to their employees: „better the second best solution now than the best one never.“
    Some of us can do teir jobs with one single „chromatic“ LED per channel on the SQ series. But on the dLive we need full accuracy on that tiny 10 segment channel meterin…[Read more]

  • There is a big disadvantage in the user interface of the dLive regarding network problems. The displayed messages do not point you into the direction of your root cause. I am never using DHCP for devices like servers, printers,mixing consoles, control surfaces etc. so normally I know what IP addresses are used (I do not run hundredth of network…[Read more]

  • Mfk0815 replied to the topic LPF in the forum SQ feature suggestions 2 months ago

    +1 from my side, make the LF and HF Band the same as on mixers like the GLD would be fine (direct switchable between Bell, Shelf or HI/Low pass).

  • The SQ is positioned between the QU and the GLD. It has less features, not that flexible bus management and also less effects, especially no really insert effects like transient designer, multiband compressors, dynamic eqs. For me the SQ is the better QU but far away from being a replacement of the GLD.
    The dLive is a bigger GLD with more of…[Read more]

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