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Philip Selway Touring with iLive and ME-1 System

2015/02/25 in On Tour


Philip Selway (Radiohead Drummer and all-round musical genius) is touring with an ME-1 personal monitoring system for himself and the three musicians in the touring ensemble. They completed a European tour using an iLive i112 / iDR10 modular system with Dante split to the ME-U> Flew in to Tokyo for a one-off show using a local iLive T112/48 system, and are now advancing the US dates which start on the 10th April in New York and include the Coachella Festival. FOH engineer is Gavin McComb and PM is Mick Brown, both veteran iLive users.

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Ballet Rambert week 2

2014/07/05 in Site Visit

Week 2 of the Ballet Rambert special Cunningham event at their new Southbank HQ featuring music by Philip Selway (Radiohead) plus friends, seen here listening to his ME-1 personal monitoring station fed by 32 channels of instrument signals via Dante. The opening night received a five star reviews from the Guardian and The Times!


ME Personal Monitor

2013/11/27 in Tips and Tricks


Impressed by its solid construction, no-nonsense set up and navigating menu, flexible mounting options, and choice of interface via the ME-U hub, the ME-1 personal monitoring solution is starting to turn a few heads (hopefully not at the engineer!).
Recently FOH engineer Gavin McComb tried out a set on the Gaz Coombes UK tour. Once the units were set up and programmed (which you do locally on the mixers themselves – saving the file to a USB key), The musicians had access to 40 ch of audio signals coming in from the mixer. These can be mixes, FX, groups, mic pre-splits or channel direct outs. Custom ‘DCA’ sub groups can be set up for each and every user. So each musician can access what they want using just a few keys. Presets of setups can be stored and recalled locally too! here’s some pics of the guys using ME-1s at rehearsals:



If its a GLD mixer or iLive (via the ME-U) then channel names will automatically be displayed on the ME-1s. For third-party and customisation duties, the ME-U has a browser interface allowing channels to be renamed as needed. Option cards for ME-U are the same as iLive / GLD: Dante, Madi, EtherSound. The ME-U ships with an ME-D card which takes signals from ACE (iLive), dSNAKE GLD & QU, & AVIOM TM.
ME-U has 10 ports all with ‘Ethercon’ connectors and P.O.E allowing the ME-1s to take power down the cat5 cable. Otherwise each unit can be powered locally by a wall-wart PSU. ME-U runs pretty silent in its rugged 2U case making it ideal for stage or installation.
Other useful tips about ME-1; They have a really good loud headphone output! There is a local mic built in with direct feed-in volume to allow users to listen to locals when wearing earpieces. The display is back-lit.

iLive is Global choice

2013/05/31 in Site Visit

Global Radio’s Chris Denman in his element laying tracks for another studio session at the stations London HQ in Leicester Square. T112/48 system with Dante bridge to Mac Logic DAW.

Lots of video clips of iLive in action in Chris’s studio here on Twitter:

iDR MixRack Opens for One Direction!

2013/03/04 in On Tour

Jeffrey Pringle with his FOH console!

Jeffrey Pringle with his FOH console!

an iDR32 MixRack is being used as a mixing solution for Camryn, the opening act on the One Direction Tour, 63 sold out arenas in Europe. The main production (Wigwam) is D&B with an XL4 at FOH. Jeffrey Pringle is tour manager and Sound mixer for Camryn who is from America, and has put together an extremely efficient and compact system which consists of an iLive iDR32 MixRack brain which is controlled by a MacBook over WiFi, providing 5 stereo ears mixes for the band plus the main FOH mix. Band vocal mics and guitars are on Shure ULX-D radios outputting Dante, and the Drums, Keys and Guitar sound modules & processing are done in Mini-Macs running Dante Virtual Soundcards housed in the same rack as the iDR off stage. [Roland Drums play Steven Slate Samples, Guitars run Amplitude and Guitar Rig]. The Bass-Player failed to turn up for the tour so there is a click track running on Ableton (previously ProTools) and all members (except Bass) play live with time-code sync of all settings and FX) with occasional album production sounds mixed in . Justin the Drummer (and all round tech!) controls Ableton via an iPad over WiFi. Jeffrey has mixed over 160 shows using Editor over WiFi with only one drop-out!

The choice of iLive for the touring system was down to the fact that Allen&Heath made a rack-mounting console that can be set up and controlled on a portable computer without a surface. Inputs can be split into multiple channels and run in layers to mix FOH & Mons. Even the smallest MixRack can handle 64 channels.

Jeffrey mad a video clip of the setup before the tour started:

FOH, Mons, Guitar, Drums, Keys, RF Mics, Ears, Track. It's all in there!!

FOH, Mons, Guitar, Drums, Keys, RF Mics, Ears, Track. It’s all in there!!

Jeffrey and Justin pre-check the controls

Jeffrey and Justin pre-check the controls

The Guitar Rig!

The Guitar Rig!

These pictures were taken yesterday at the Cardiff Motorpoint Arena by Leon Phillips

Camryn and band in soundcheck

Camryn and band in soundcheck

You lost how many seats for the FOH console?!!!

You lost how many seats for the FOH console?!!!

Site Visit: Goetheanum, Basel Switzerland

2012/07/19 in Site Visit

Architecture by Rudolf Steiner, The Goetheanum is home to the General Anthroposophical Society and the free Academy of Humanities the center includes two performance halls (1500 seats), gallery and lecture spaces, a library, and bookstore.

A flexible setup using iLive DualRack plus an additional iDR16 linked by Dante. Various control options include Editor, and PL10s.



T in the Park Miike Snow

2012/07/06 in On Tour

For Miike Snow in the King Tuts Wah Wah Tent.
i-Live 112 with iDR10 at FOH
t-Series 112 with iDR48 on stage
both mixracks had Dante in Port B and used a digital split for FOH/Monitors/Record onto the engineer’s laptop. – Ward-Steedsy Associates Ltd.

Site Visit: The Arts Club Mayfair

2012/06/25 in Site Visit

Under the direction of Dave McDonald (FOH Adele) an iLive modular system was installed in the Arts Club, Dover St, Mayfair London. The exclusive venue has a club in the basement and regularly hosts gigs, music industry showcases, and art & fashion events. An iLive 112 surface and iDR10 MixRack are located stage-left in the compact, but bijou technical area where space is an absolute premium. Dave wanted to be able to cover the audio requirements of visiting artists, providing 6 wedge and 8 stereo in-ears mixes.

FOH mix has to be done from stage to so the ability to use iLive Editor and MixPad on WiFi is a real bonus in the always crowded venue. Jonathan Lewis is the resident house tech, and is looking forward to customising the iLive’s extensive control and interfacing features to the maximum! PL10 is already employed to control the system when the surface is switched off, and M-Dante module allows <64 channels of recording and virtual soundcheck.