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Allen & Heath Digital Soultions Training

2015/04/29 in

Audio Technica UK (exclusive distributor of Allen & Heath products in the UK) is hosting a FREE training event on 29th April aimed at giving attendees an overview of the full range of Allen & Heath digital mixing consoles including QU, GLD and iLive Series.  This one day training event will provide you with the basic information and skills required to set up and operate your console of choice.

The day will run from 10am until 4pm and all required materials, as well as lunch and refreshments, will be provided for you.

  • The day starts with a short introduction to Audio Technica, a brief history of Allen & Heath as well as an overview of the product range.
  • Training takes place in Audio Technica UK’s acoustically treated Leeds office.
  • By the end of the training you will be capable of approaching any Allen & Heath Digital console and gaining basic operation.
  • The event will be hosted by an Allen & Heath product specialist.
  • There will be a period of time at the end to ask any additional questions.
  • All attendees will receive a certificate confirming their completion of the training.

LS11 5AL
Tel: +44 (0) 113 277 1441
Fax: +44 (0) 113 270 4836

To provide best possible service, spaces are limited.  This event needs to be pre booked, please contact to book your place.  If you are accepted onto the course and for any reason you cannot make it, please contact to make them aware.

Philip Selway Touring with iLive and ME-1 System

2015/02/25 in On Tour


Philip Selway (Radiohead Drummer and all-round musical genius) is touring with an ME-1 personal monitoring system for himself and the three musicians in the touring ensemble. They completed a European tour using an iLive i112 / iDR10 modular system with Dante split to the ME-U> Flew in to Tokyo for a one-off show using a local iLive T112/48 system, and are now advancing the US dates which start on the 10th April in New York and include the Coachella Festival. FOH engineer is Gavin McComb and PM is Mick Brown, both veteran iLive users.

IMG_0498 IMG_0507 Img_0535i IMG_0540

Ballet Rambert week 2

2014/07/05 in Site Visit

Week 2 of the Ballet Rambert special Cunningham event at their new Southbank HQ featuring music by Philip Selway (Radiohead) plus friends, seen here listening to his ME-1 personal monitoring station fed by 32 channels of instrument signals via Dante. The opening night received a five star reviews from the Guardian and The Times!


Ballet Rambert

2014/06/28 in General News

Just setting up an interesting installation for a series of events at Ballet Rambert HQ at London’s Southbank.
Engineer Gavin McComb is using ME-1 personal mixers to provide hands-on foldback and interactive source mixing betweens the musicians who perform in two different dance studios and constantly move locations. iLive R72 and iDR32 form the central control, and an ME-U hub with Dante is patched to the performance areas using the buildings cat5 networks. The music is written and performed by Philip Selway from Radiohead, accompanied by multi-instrumentalists Adem Ilhan and Quinta. Gavin & the house technician can make adjustments in the performance area’s using iLive Editor and MixPad connected by WiFi.




ME Personal Monitor

2013/11/27 in Tips and Tricks


Impressed by its solid construction, no-nonsense set up and navigating menu, flexible mounting options, and choice of interface via the ME-U hub, the ME-1 personal monitoring solution is starting to turn a few heads (hopefully not at the engineer!).
Recently FOH engineer Gavin McComb tried out a set on the Gaz Coombes UK tour. Once the units were set up and programmed (which you do locally on the mixers themselves – saving the file to a USB key), The musicians had access to 40 ch of audio signals coming in from the mixer. These can be mixes, FX, groups, mic pre-splits or channel direct outs. Custom ‘DCA’ sub groups can be set up for each and every user. So each musician can access what they want using just a few keys. Presets of setups can be stored and recalled locally too! here’s some pics of the guys using ME-1s at rehearsals:



If its a GLD mixer or iLive (via the ME-U) then channel names will automatically be displayed on the ME-1s. For third-party and customisation duties, the ME-U has a browser interface allowing channels to be renamed as needed. Option cards for ME-U are the same as iLive / GLD: Dante, Madi, EtherSound. The ME-U ships with an ME-D card which takes signals from ACE (iLive), dSNAKE GLD & QU, & AVIOM TM.
ME-U has 10 ports all with ‘Ethercon’ connectors and P.O.E allowing the ME-1s to take power down the cat5 cable. Otherwise each unit can be powered locally by a wall-wart PSU. ME-U runs pretty silent in its rugged 2U case making it ideal for stage or installation.
Other useful tips about ME-1; They have a really good loud headphone output! There is a local mic built in with direct feed-in volume to allow users to listen to locals when wearing earpieces. The display is back-lit.

Gaz Coombes at The Union Chapel

2013/11/22 in On Tour

Gaz Coombes & band

Gaz Coombes & band

Gaz Coombes and fellow musicians performed at the Union Chapel Islington last night, the finale to a short but tasty UK tour. iLive 80 with iDR10 was doing FOH/Mons driven by Gavin McComb who employed some ME-1 personal monitors on this, their 4th outing using iLive, to allow the musicians to tweak their own monitor mixes.

5 ME-1s with Ane Brun at The Forum, London

2013/11/16 in On Tour

Ane Brun’s Songs tour hits the UK at the Kentish Town Forum, with our friend Oscar Soderlund (Parashoot) mixing FoH and Monitor on his iLive T-112.



Oscar sound checking Ane and the rest of the band

An iDR-16 is on stage with two xDR-16 expanders positioned close to the two drum kits. The stage is almost silent with a single wedge monitor thanks to 5 ME-1 personal monitoring mixers. Audio and power distribution is through a ME-U hub.

ME-1 x5

iDR-16 in disguise

iDR-16 in disguise

ane brun

A sketch of the system as used in this tour

Comprehensive Monitor setup – Tindersticks

2013/10/28 in On Tour



Nice stage set-up! – Tindersticks at Copenhagen Koncerhallen.

Jamie's worldString section with ME-1s

Monitor-world: T112 iDR48 Gadgets! – String section with ME-1 personal monitors.

iLive system with ME-1’s for Ane Brun tour

2013/09/11 in On Tour

Ane Brun Womad

Swedish PA Company PARASHOOT is preparing an iLive system complete with ME-1 personal monitor mixing for the forthcoming Ane Brun tour:

Date City Venue Country
Tour: Songs 2013
05/10/2013 Ane Brun in Helsinki The Circus Finland
10/10/2013 Ane Brun in Copenhagen Store Vega Denmark
11/10/2013 Ane Brun in Hamburg Uebel & Gefährlich Germany
12/10/2013 Ane Brun in Amsterdam Paradiso Netherlands
13/10/2013 Ane Brun in Brussels Cirque Royal Belgium
16/10/2013 Ane Brun in Luxembourg Rockhal Luxembourg
17/10/2013 Ane Brun in Paris Alhambra France
18/10/2013 Ane Brun in The Hague Paard van Troje Netherlands
20/10/2013 Ane Brun in Berlin Passionskirche Germany
22/10/2013 Ane Brun in Prague Palác Akropolis Czech Republic
23/10/2013 Ane Brun in Vienna Szene Wien Austria
24/10/2013 Ane Brun in Budapest A38 Hungary
26/10/2013 Ane Brun in Zurich X-TRA Switzerland
14/11/2013 Ane Brun in London The Forum United Kingdom
15/11/2013 Ane Brun in Manchester Ruby Lounge United Kingdom
16/11/2013 Ane Brun in Dublin Vicar Street Ireland
18/11/2013 Ane Brun in Glasgow Òran Mór United Kingdom
21/11/2013 Ane Brun in Istanbul Salon IKSV Turkey
22/11/2013 Ane Brun in Istanbul Salon IKSV Turkey
23/11/2013 Ane Brun in Istanbul Salon IKSV Turkey
24/11/2013 Ane Brun in Rome Auditorium Parco della Musica Italy
03/12/2013 Ane Brun in Stockholm Cirkus Sweden
07/12/2013 Ane Brun in Oslo Sentrum Scene Norway

18 ME-1s in Lucerne

2013/07/24 in On Tour

Jamie Hickey, iLive veteran, has a system out on Tindersticks’ European Tour. For a special show in Lucerne, Switzerland the band will be joined by a 17 piece string section. Jamie specified a compact iLive system of 48 inputs into 16 outs plus 6 FX, controlled by an R72, a PL-6 and an iPad! The ME-1s are daisy chained from the iDR MixRack and each can sub-mix from 40 channels of signals over the cat5.