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    I may have asked this in the past…but it would have been years ago.

    Is it possible to record each individual channel simultaneously to a DAW with USB-B output and and SQ6?

    If so…what settings do I need to do on the SQ6 to allow this?

    We’d just like to use Audacity for simple multi track recording. Has anyone here done that?

    Best we can get right now is I can see 4 pairs of stereo mixes as shown as the attachment. But I’m not even sure how to assign these. Right now 1&2 appears to be our “mix5” LR stereo mix out.

    I suppose if it came down to it, I could use pair 2&3, 3&4, and 5&6 for their own ‘groups’ in order to get some kind of multi track if that were the only option.

    Thank you!

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    Do you have your SQ’s direct outs patched to USB? It looks to me like Audacity is confused about the capabilities of the interface. I don’t know if that’s a Windows setting or an Audacity one, I don’t spend much time in either. You should be able to see 32 mono signals.

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    KeithJ A&H


    There are two parts to the Windows driver
    WDM – This creates 4x stereo input and output Windows system devices that use USB input and output sockets 1-8 to/from the SQ. These can then be used with most any app that supports audio, as Windows is managing the devices.
    ASIO – This allows direct connection to the interface, and access to all USB input and output sockets, from any app which supports ASIO.

    Audacity does not support ASIO by default, so this would need to be added to use all 32×32 USB sockets available on the SQ. More info here –


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