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iLive at BBC Mermaid Theatre

2013/12/21 in Site Visit

BBC Radio 2 Friday Night is Music Night Christmas Special
T112 surface and iDR48 w MADI
Thanks to Stuart McKay Audio Technica


ME Personal Monitor

2013/11/27 in Tips and Tricks


Impressed by its solid construction, no-nonsense set up and navigating menu, flexible mounting options, and choice of interface via the ME-U hub, the ME-1 personal monitoring solution is starting to turn a few heads (hopefully not at the engineer!).
Recently FOH engineer Gavin McComb tried out a set on the Gaz Coombes UK tour. Once the units were set up and programmed (which you do locally on the mixers themselves – saving the file to a USB key), The musicians had access to 40 ch of audio signals coming in from the mixer. These can be mixes, FX, groups, mic pre-splits or channel direct outs. Custom ‘DCA’ sub groups can be set up for each and every user. So each musician can access what they want using just a few keys. Presets of setups can be stored and recalled locally too! here’s some pics of the guys using ME-1s at rehearsals:



If its a GLD mixer or iLive (via the ME-U) then channel names will automatically be displayed on the ME-1s. For third-party and customisation duties, the ME-U has a browser interface allowing channels to be renamed as needed. Option cards for ME-U are the same as iLive / GLD: Dante, Madi, EtherSound. The ME-U ships with an ME-D card which takes signals from ACE (iLive), dSNAKE GLD & QU, & AVIOM TM.
ME-U has 10 ports all with ‘Ethercon’ connectors and P.O.E allowing the ME-1s to take power down the cat5 cable. Otherwise each unit can be powered locally by a wall-wart PSU. ME-U runs pretty silent in its rugged 2U case making it ideal for stage or installation.
Other useful tips about ME-1; They have a really good loud headphone output! There is a local mic built in with direct feed-in volume to allow users to listen to locals when wearing earpieces. The display is back-lit.

interesting iLive system on tour

2012/11/23 in On Tour

iLive is out on a 26 dates tour in Scandinavia with Swedish band Bo Kaspers Orkester.

All sound production is supplied by Parashoot, Stigtomta – Sweden.
The core in the system is the A&H IDR-64 with a port B ACE card,
receiving channels a sending outputs to the 2 xDR-16s.

One xDR-16 is mounted in the backline tech – Simon Yttergren’s guitar rack
and is supplied with port b MADI card for FOH console

The other xDR-16 is mounted in SR keyboard rack for remote inputs.

Keyboard player Mats Schubert of Bo Kaspers is very happy with his
A&H R72 together with a IDR16 MixRack. Giving him lots of flexibility in routing to
amps, leslie and main stagebox. PL6 is used by him to have fast access
to keyboard faders and tap control.

Monitors is done by Parashoot owner РOscar Șderlund,
using a A&H T112 for controlling 9 Stereo IEM mixes.
All 23 songs are saved separtely in the scene memory,
for the most precice sound, on every tune.

FOH is done by Johan Molund on a DiGiCo SDTEN MADI version .w Waves,
using a Waves PuigChild hardware masterrcomp. And is very happy with
using the IDR preamps.