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Philip Selway Touring with iLive and ME-1 System

2015/02/25 in On Tour


Philip Selway (Radiohead Drummer and all-round musical genius) is touring with an ME-1 personal monitoring system for himself and the three musicians in the touring ensemble. They completed a European tour using an iLive i112 / iDR10 modular system with Dante split to the ME-U> Flew in to Tokyo for a one-off show using a local iLive T112/48 system, and are now advancing the US dates which start on the 10th April in New York and include the Coachella Festival. FOH engineer is Gavin McComb and PM is Mick Brown, both veteran iLive users.

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iLive FOH and Monitors for Morrissey US tour

2014/05/07 in On Tour

The Morrissey US tour kicks off today in San Jose.
David ‘Milky’ Milward armed with his trusty i80 surface and iDR10 MixRack is @ FOH, while Tom Vollmers is manning the other end of the cat5 multicore with an i112 and second iDR10. Split is analogue. Production is Eighth Day Sound. Best of British to them!


iLive on Franz F US tour opens with Cate Le Bon

2014/04/29 in On Tour

FF NA Tour

Having completed a successful European tour in March/April, Franz Ferdinand monitor engineer Tom Howat asked for an iLive 112 modular surface and iDR10 MixRack for the North American leg of the tour which includes two shows in Mexico [Sports Palace, Mexico City 3rd May, and Banamex Auditorium, Monterrey 4th May].

Supporting on the US shows was Cate le Bon, and each day the venue’s house engineers took to the iLive to do monitors for the opening act after a brief introduction from Tom.

Cate Le Bon in WA

Jake in Seattle


Jey in Portland
Limo in Vancouver