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    hi, I would like to install a UPS unit for a DLIVE C3500 and CDM48, what power should I use? I used some up to 1200 VA but as soon as I turned on the mixer or rack they went into protection. Thanks for your answers

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    the Rack consumes 175W the surface 110W
    so I guess there is a different problem

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    I’d agree.
    I run an APC 1U 450VA in my CDM32 rack and it’s fine powering the CDM32, 2 DX168s, a C1500, 2 Cisco switches and a single laptop.
    Add a second laptop and it gets upset.
    1200VA should be plenty.

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    We need more info.

    UPS is a back up supply for when the mains power stops unexpectedly.
    It can also filter some surges to help protect equipment.
    Are you trying to run them from a UPS without any mains connection?
    Then that would depend on the battery storage ability. And would only be for a very short time.

    Sounds like the battery was uncharged and you tried to use the UPS as the main power source.
    That will not work.
    UPS is for short periods to protect very very very short outages andor to allow you to safely turn off gear when power is lost.
    But the battery has to be fully charged for that short period of operation to happen while you turn it off.

    What do you mean the mixer and rack went into protection?
    What happened to the UPS when you turned them on?
    Have you tried turning them on first and then activating the UPS?
    Do you have everything connected to the mains power?

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    I use an always on UPS. I bought a Tripp Lite 1000VA Smart Online UPS a couple years ago have it installed with the mixrack. It’s not cheap (about $500 US), but well worth the cost.

    I use a standard UPS on the surface side (1200).

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    Learn me, please.

    ALL my UPS are always on.
    How is a ‘standard’ UPS different.

    AFAIK ALL UPS only work when they are on.

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    Online UPS’ are always on and are charging in the background. Standard UPS’ rely on external power and only switch to battery backup if external power goes down. The switch between external and battery power can cause a strain on electronics. Best practice is to put mission critical devices on an Online UPS (Furman F1000 or F1500 are a good option).

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    That sounds like the same thing to me.

    All UPS need external power.
    There are those that (rarely) include a generator that is always on, but they are intended for power cleaning more than UPS work.
    In my experience these are not called UPS but had a different name. But that was decades ago. Names can change.

    All UPS only switch to battery back up when the mains power is lost. And they are all trickle charging when mains is working.

    I think you may be saying that some of them always provide power from their battery like the older MG sets do, so no switching is needed when mains fail.
    I would not call that by the name online but think I see your distinction between the types.
    Clearly this type is newer than my old experience.

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    Probably would clarify online vs. offline type UPSs.

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    But the pictures agree with what I said.

    They both are shown to switch power when the mains is out.
    And both are on in actual use.

    Maybe one like the DC power version which I knew as an MGS is what is actually meant in the earlier post not an online type.

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    But the pictures agree with what I said.


    online UPS is always connected to the load
    an offline UPS is only connected in the state of failure

    but this has nothing, absolutly nothing, to do with the problem discussed initial in this topic

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    It certainly does as I questioned how it was actually being used.
    BOTH online and offline are connected to the load when the failure occurs.

    The cite at wiki says that DC converters are always connected but not online ones.
    While wiki can be wrong that was cited as the source for what online was.

    We really need to know exactly what UPS was in use and exactly what happened.

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    Back to the original post….. exactly how much equipment are you trying to connect/run. Just the dLive system, or the entire rack including amps, etc…..

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    Strikes me Steffan R is on the money, as someone has mentioned if the UPS is not on mains to begin with it may not power up, this is certainly the case with my APC 1500va that sits at the bottom of my stage rack. It comfortably powers a DM64 (one of the two PSU’s connected to raw mains) a DX32 (again one of two PSU’s connected to raw mains) plus one of a pair of gigabit media converters. There is also an auxiliary feed from the UPS to a second DX32 when required. It powers all of these easily from the approximate 1Kw of power available from the unit, giving about 10-15 minutes of run time. Certainly long enough to shut the system down.

    I have a separate small (approximately 500va) unit rack mounted in a space underneath my surface, this unit is more than capable of powering the surface for a good 20 minutes along with one of the two media converters at the surface.

    This type of system has worked well both on my D Live also on a couple of iLive systems for a number of years.

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    Read 8890 and 8892 for who said what

    UPS for DLIVE

    UPS for DLIVE

    We definitely need more info about exactly what/how @blackservice is doing/using the ‘UPS’ and exactly what kind of UPS it really is along with details about what occurred.

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