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    ToddL: Keith got back to you in less than an hour. However, you decided to make posts across multiple threads..

    A&H – Have you forgotten your Qu customers?

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    @davidco – yes, because the response was in the SQ forum. I wanted to make sure users who came here were able to easily find Kieth’s response in the other thread. So, yes, I wanted to connect the dots.

    Bottom Line: No off-line editor is expected for Qu series. A&H never responded to this thread during its 1.5 year life. I had to post in SQ to get a response. These are the facts.

    I know I am probably coming across like a bitter a$$hole. I am clearly frustrated as much as I am surprised by A&H. Most customers of the sub $3k mixer demographic are churches, clubs, and small bands. They are not likely to upgrade every 4 years. Rather, they want a product which will be considered market active for 10+ years. Customer suggestions for features which can be added via software or firmware should be valuable to A&H and pursued as a function of support for market active products. Heck, I’d pay an appropriate “Pro” app fee to get this as I am sure many others would.

    It was just surprising to me that A&H completely ignored this thread for over 1 year on their own forum. That to me is a concern and possibly a shift in their attention to customer support. I will remember this when considering my next mixer. Maybe they will realize their mistake. Maybe they will respond with some solution. Maybe the math just doesn’t work for them to invest in this feature. Still, the lack of response in the original thread is not cool.

    These legacy hardware giants in our industry need to really understand the reality of a software world given the pervasiveness of digital. They are no longer just an audio company. They are now a computer company, too. They have to consider hardware and software. This necessitates sustaining support of software. They need to consider the market life of their product and how long they will support the product with firmware and software features, etc. This Qu line is exactly 5 years old. It seems to already be pigeon-holed as “just keep it running” product by A&H.

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    Version 1.00 – First release of Qu-16 firmware. May 2013

    Where has that time gone?
    A very stable mixer! Well Done!
    I don’t think we will see an off line editor even though you would think that the Qu-pad app could be easily tweaked to do this.

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    KeithJ A&H

    Thanks @nzdave!

    @toddl you do seem to be out to just complain now…
    Please use support.allen-heath.com or pop us an email to support@allen-heath.com and we will provide you with the same high quality support service we have been providing all our users for many years.
    Our support site, knowledgebase and support email are the proper and official channels for support – and whilst a lot of A&H do hang out in the forums here (because we love talking about our products and seeing end user reaction), it’s mainly for discussions between our users.

    As the product manager for Qu and SQ, I take full responsibility for not responding to this thread in the past, but as you have said, we have no current plans to create an offline editor for the Qu series of mixers.


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    Thank you Keith. I got my feathers ruffled. It is a rant. I’ll own that fact.

    I get your point about contacting support directly. However, why host on your own domain a forum which contains topics for new features if the forum is not being sufficiently monitored? I think 18 months is a long time for a thread on new features to go without a response from A&H on their own domain. Thank you for acknowledging that is unacceptable. That lack of attention is what got me worked up.

    Look I get it. Eventually, A&H has to move on and stay focused on latest or next big thing. Maybe this is a lesson in smooth disengagement. Maybe the forum needs to close out some of those sections on older series so that no new threads can be added by users. The Feature Suggestions section should be the first to become read only once A&H has decided no new features on an older series. Then, A&H can post a final statement on each thread and then close it for comments. Basically, there comes a time when no new features will happen, so that is the time to wrap up that section.

    I am truly bummed that an offline editor will never come from A&H for this mixer. Maybe A&H can look at some sort of open source code model for the apps on these older systems at some point in their life span. That would then put the option into the hands of the community.

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    While A&H may have abandoned this excellent platform, others have not. David Schumann has announced that he is currently working on offline editing for Mixing Station Pro.

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