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    Nicola A&H

    We have put together a list of Qu-series audio tutorials to walk new users through the basics of mixing with Qu. These can be loaded on a USB key and used with Qu-Drive. The Tutorials are multitrack sessions specially arranged with pre and post audio clips as well as a voiceover track guiding the user.

    Before loading the Tutorials please make sure your USB key or hard drive is of suitable quality and transfer rate. You can find some guidelines on sourcing a storage device for Qu-Drive in this Knowledge Base article. We recommend you use this device for the Tutorials only, this will prevent accidental overwriting of your settings and recordings while copying the files.

    • First save your current settings on a different USB key. Go to Setup / USB Data / Shows and touch ‘Store New’.
    • Make sure the USB device to use with the Tutorials has been formatted using the Format facility in the Setup / Utility / Qu-Drive screen.
    • Download the audio and Show file for the Tutorials here.
    • Unzip the file and copy the entire AHQU folder on to the root of the USB device.
    To learn more about using the Tutorials please print and read these simple instructions.

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    This sounds like an excellent idea – I’ll run through them at some point 🙂

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    I have problems with this tutorials. I do as instructions say, but when I play the multitracks they sound weird, the words are repeating and also some tutorials end before end. Is this some error on file, or my hard drive, or something else?

    Also, when I recall Show for tutorial, do I lost all other scenes I had before (they were not saved on hard drive, only on mixer)?


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    Well, I guess it’s problem with my hard drive. When I playback other recorded MTK files, it’s same, it’s repeating short 1-2 seconds long parts of song, impossible to mix. I will format disk again.

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    These tutorials are a neat idea, but the execution leaves something to be desired. I took the time to review the first three, and here are my observations:

    1. If these are intended for newbies, they will probably have trouble getting them started and following the presentation. Since a Show must be loaded, if a newbie forgets to save to USB whatever configurations that have already been made, all their work will be erased when they load the Tutorials show. Moreover, if they saved their show once,l it will be named SHOW0000, and copying the Tutorials to the same USB drive will try to overwrite it. I renamed this file to SHOW0003 before I copied them over to my drive. The same comments probably apply to the individual files in the USBMTK folder. Since I hadn’t saved any multitrack audio files, I could just copy these over as-is. These issues need to pointed out in the instructions, or the recommendation should be made that a separate USB flash drive be used for them, and they take up 5.35 GB. (This may not be as much of an issue as I think it is; I just considered it could be a problem and took steps to prevent it.)

    2. The presenter in these tutorials has a very pleasant voice with a pronounced British accent and good diction. However, he speaks very rapidly, and some words are pronounced quite rapidly and tend to trail off. I found it difficult to follow him at times. I would miss an important word, and before I could figure out what he had said, he was two or three sentences further in. It also is somewhat difficult for someone with minimal experience with the LCD screens to follow him at his rapid pace. If I needed to pause the presentation from another screen, I usually would have repeat part of it. It should be pointed out in this regard, that it is possible to move backward and forward in the track by moving the blue time slider.

    3. The first Overview tutorial says nothing about selecting the Scene for it. Perhaps it isn’t required the first time because it is part of the recalled Show. Subsequent tutorials start by telling the listener to select the proper Scene. My initial thought is to suggest that instructions should say that a Scene be selected first, so that one would know the topic for a given track, which are only identified by a number, so one could select the track for that topic.

    4. It might be helpful top point out that the speaker is on channel 16, although the meters show this. If listening with headphones, by pressing the PAFL key for channel 16, you can eliminate the background music, which I find distracting. If not using headphones, one can just mute the other channels with music tracks. I don’t know if later tutorials depend on having the music tracks active.

    5. I have only listened through tutorial 3, but I did find a problem with the instructions on that track. Toward the end, an explanation is given about saving the PEQ settings in a library. However it misses the step where the user should press the User Library touch button, if that is necessary.

    Based on these observations, I think that more directions should be supplied up front. For example, the user should be reminded to be sure that the current settings have been saved in a Show before loading the Tutorials.

    It might be worthwhile to have these tutorials re-done with a presenter who speaks at a more deliberate pace while considering what the user has to do to follow him. (I seem to recall a comment about the rapid speech issue with the online tutorials. Apparently, A&H didn’t see fit to implement that suggestion.)

    I have to admit that I don’t have a huge amount of experience with our QU mixer. If there are problems with what I have said her, I hope that more experienced users will point them out.

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    Nicola A&H

    Thanks for the feedback. I’ve added a couple of extra points to my post above.

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    Hi Nicola

    Thanx for this QU training tutorial, awesome tool to have for newbee’s in training.

    I edited each tutorial by adding “Play/Pause” functionality in Soft Key 1,
    plus “Next” (forward) and “Prev” (reverse) in Soft Key 2 & 3 respectfully
    in Scenes & “Stored” (saved) them in the Scenes Library Fixtures.
    This is very useful & helps to pause the tutorial & go through the lesson in your own time,
    with the aid of pausing, resuming, advances or going back to each 🙂

    Hope to see more tutorials from A&H, & where can one obtain multi-track samples of artist/band sets?
    I am finding it hard to locate Qu-Drive multi-track samples on the web, but I am sure (ZAP)Bob will
    probably tell me to lay down my own tracks or record our own band samples for Q-Drive 🙂

    Audiosure SA did give me one audio multi-track sample on purchasing my desk,
    but it is driving my family up the wall with all the repetition/repeats 🙂

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    Continuation to my last reply in this post/topic ….

    I noticed Tutorial 5 (Scene 5) uses Soft Keys 1, 2 & 3, so I have moved my Play/Pause & the rest to Soft Keys 6,7 & 8 🙂

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    I work on logic pro 9 with QU-32.
    My problem that I did manage to record 18 tracks …!?,
    of which I send the signals in channel 19 to the 32 nothing is happening,
    for the time entered in the A & H qu32 are enabled on 32-track logic pro.
    Someone would have an idea of the problem ???
    Best regards


    Hi Speziale,

    It sounds like you haven’t configured the desk inputs to source from USB (USB-B), check out the KB article below it contains all of the info you require.



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    Are updated guides being produced for newer software releases?

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    I’m just seeing this thread. As a new QU-16 owner, I just want to say that I’m really impressed with the service and the product. I hope that soon the boards will be able to be upgraded to 96K so that I can use it in my studio (I notice a degradation in quality when going from my Apogee converters to the QU), but for live use and as a controller, this board is amazing. Thank you!

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    I doubt it’s the sample rate that is making the difference – you just prefer the preamps that you are used to…

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    I wish I didn’t load these tutorials and reset all my settings. Is there a way to do a factory reset back to defaults, because the colored shading on my para-EQ disappeared, and I really miss it.

    Does anyone know how to get my colored shading back? (I know, read the manual, right?)

    Nevermind, I found it: “Touch the curve to turn the colour fill option on or off.” Sorry to bother the thread with my noobie drama.

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    Touching the “curve” does nothing for me. I’m assuming they mean to touch on the touch-screen, but my colored shading is not coming back :/

    Nevermind again. It’s under Set-Up, then Control, then touch PEQ Graph Fill. I should probably stop posting until I spend more time with this thing.

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