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    My intention is to buy SQ5 in short future. I would need to have it fixed in rack, where I could tilt it when using. Also, under mixer I need about 6U of height, for other rack components (headphone amp, router, wirelles mic). Which racks or manufacturers do you prefer for that? SQ5 seems to be quite ‘deep’, what is minimum depth for rack…[Read more]

  • Really nice!

    Wondering about price..

  • Hello!

    Is there any temperature limit, to where use Qu? For example I will be using it outside this winter with temperatures below 0°C. I’ve use it in cold weather already, without any problem, but I’m just wondering in what conditions it is advisable to use it:)


  • So, if I buy this little box, than I can connect QU’s ethernet with ethernet IN on that box, and then connect box with MIDI controller and than mute my FX with pedal – is that possible? In that case, can I also connect ethernet OUT on box with my router so I still can have access to Qu-PAD?

    Thanks for help,

  • To easily set all faders to POST fade on mix 9-10, select that mix, than go to Routing, and press All post. It is quicker and you also see what you are doing. With pressing ‘pre-fade’ I often confuse when it’s pre or post (if Sel button is lit or not). So I prefer going to routing and setting it there – I didn’t know that for quite a long time, so…[Read more]

  • Hello!

    Few days ago I was live multitrack recording concert from my QU-16 via USB into Cubase. Later when mixing at home I noticed that some nice clipping has happened on accordeon track (it can be nicely seen on waveform’ and can be heard). When at concert I didn’t notice that anything would clip on Qu-16.

    So how to set levels so it doesn’t…[Read more]

  • For example, I work a lot with Proel DB2A 2ch active DIbox.

  • Thanks! So it’s not true (as I heard) that it may cause damage to 2ch DI – but it’s not logical to me. Cables were mine, I never have problems when working with them and I use a lot of condensers sometimes. I really assume it was this really cheap multicore, or something, I don’t know. Thanks for help! 🙂

  • Hello!

    I have question about phantom power on Qu (or any digital mixers). When you link 2 channels into 1 Stereo channels (for keyboards for example) and apply +48V for powering 2ch DI-box, is it applied to both channels or is it somehow different? Is it maybe dangerous for DI if applying +48V on both channels?

    Another question: 2 days back, I…[Read more]

  • knga replied to the topic QU Bug? in the forum Qu troubleshooting 3 years, 2 months ago

    Something similar happened to me, but I think it was more of a ‘hardware’ problem, meaning fader on CH2 got stucked at +5db. Of course I didn’t notice it at first, so when I was changing my layers/FX/Mixes/GEQ settings from this CH2 fader got to +5db, causing nice feedback (because frequency band on GEQ was pushed really high :)). I just shut it…[Read more]

  • knga replied to the topic RTA – GEQ in the forum Qu general discussions 3 years, 2 months ago

    It would be nice having RTA on channels or master, but unfortunately Qu series don’t offer that, but offer some other great things in comparisson with X32.

    When I tweak my system I do it like that: I open RTA window on screen to see which frequencies are causing feedback when pushing system really loudly, and I also use my GEQ on faders at the…[Read more]

  • Hello!

    For my purposes I mostly use Hall reverbs (Hall 451, or others) but I have some problems getting it sound good (soft, warm). It always sounds metallic, sharp, somehow not pleasant sounding.

    Any ideas (maybe with those ‘expert’ settings) how to make it sound good?


  • What if 2 fx bus/return are already used? And you want specific FX for snare?

    I agree, it’s too wet, even if you choose the smallest possible ‘wet’ setting.

  • When will the Windows Daw control drivers be ready for download?

  • Hello!

    Is it possible to connect QU-16 with for example X32 stagebox or X32 Rack? I know it’s possible to connect it via cable, but would it recognize each other?


  • Hello!

    On monday I’m recording a demo song for band. I record in Cubase, Qu-16 is my soundcard. I really really like qu-16’s reverbs (mostly halls) for this type of music. I’m wondering how it would be possible to record tracks with fx on them. I’m recording tracks separately. Do I record separate tracks and also stereo FX returns for them? Or is…[Read more]

  • I miss that too. It would be nice to make Mono Sub buss, put LPF and route it to LR (put HPF on). It’s not a perfect solution, but would help in some situations.

  • Hello!

    Let’s start discussion, it would be nice to hear what other users are using.

    I mostly use Reverbs, my favourite is Hall massive. Of course I make adjustments: shorten it to 2s, Lowcut to 150Hz, Highcut to around 5kHz. For my kind of music it works great, it’s meant to full music a bit and places between phrases, I don’t want to have it…[Read more]

  • Hello!

    – In my experience key filter on gate is very useful function, you can gate things a lot better. Filter on compressor would make a compressor de-esser, so another very good function.

    – RTA/spectro on EQ screen, because now it can be very time consuming when using it.

    – I’d also want Lowcut filter on all mixes.


  • I’m using my Ipad 1 just for mixing with Qu-pad, so until know I didn’t Ipad that would have iOS higher than version 5. Now 1.8 firmware needs iOS 7.1. That wasn’t announced. And I really want to use new features, but do I have to buy new Ipad to use it with Qu-pad?:S

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