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    Unfortunately, we had to accept that different shows cannot be saved internally.
    But the possibilities of the Show Manager (Utility – Data) via USB also seem very antiquated (similar to the SQ Drive, by the way):
    Since there is (probably) no internal clock, you can’t see when a show was stored.
    And you can’t even delete a show!
    To do this you have to insert the USB stick into a computer, but you can’t see any show names there.
    So you have to write down the numbers of the shows you want to delete in the mixer beforehand.
    Very much in need of improvement!
    In any case, it should be possible to delete a show at the desk!!!

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    I’m still !!! waiting for this as well. Considering there is a Delete function on many other levels, I’m baffled why there is still no Show-Delete. I have to use the same ‘cumbersome’ technique as you mentioned via Laptop.
    I think there is no clock-data due to the chip architecture. However, displaying the file names of shows on a Laptop should be something A&H could accomplish as well considering they are displayed on the Console screen.

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    Here is one more person asking for a usable way to delete unused Show files.

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Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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