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    David Haughton

    @danthesoundman Hi Dan, these tutorial files are complete show files with different scenes and will change the entire configuration of the mixer according to the show/scene loaded.
    I suggest setting up the mixer as you require it and saving the show to USB as your default show file before loading any other shows/scenes.
    Our entire series of tutorial videos can be found here on YouTube if that’s any use to you: https://goo.gl/Axwbxc
    You might find the “Working With Scenes & Shows” video useful.
    Hope this helps and have a great weekend.

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    Hi Guyz & Girlz.

    Anyone know of any new/updated tutorial guides for the QU digital mixing desk/console?

    @nicola thanks for the first round of tutorials, still loving it & training people here is ZA on it 🙂

    Thanx Jay Kay

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    Jay Kay,

    I just found new videos about the QU mixers on YouTube by GLB Productions. Three in the series so far. Entertaining and informative.


    Studio 52

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    @joel77 thanks for the info, I have managed to download all YouTube tutorials, including all the ones posted by Allen & Heath themselves.

    I was hoping A&H would be following up with their audio training material “Part 2” 🙂

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    Yeah, I was hoping the same. We’ll continue to keep an eye on You Tube, just in case! lol

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    Thanks for these tutorials!! I have finished 7 so far. I did have some trouble copying the files to the HDD drive but it seems to work okay. I don’t think it is correct as I don’t see the “tutorial” file between segments but, like I said, it seems to work.

    One thought, it would be great if A&H provided files for download that are just music so we could try things with the mixer while the music was playing and looping. I have looked around some for such files but not found them. I will look more.

    Nevertheless, these are very helpful!!

    Again, thanks!!


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    Hi Ratchet,
    I have posted some questions before that I could have found in the manual, but I think we all agree that sometimes what we want to learn is buried somewhere.

    No problem posting,, I, like many want to wish you the best with your Qu mixer to get the most out of it.
    I love my Qu24 and AR2412 augmented with an AR84.

    LOVE IT!

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    Hello Ratchet, is it possible to copy the fader settings from layer 1 and paste them to the custom layer?


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    @stupaac – once you assign a channel to a fader on the custom layer it should immediately mirror that channel.

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    I’m a new Qu-32 user and trying to get my head around the technicalities.
    When saying ‘all the settings will be erased’ is that from the board memory or from the usb stick?
    I’m a bit confused and afraid to try the tutorials.

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    Is this training only be available through the Q Drive? or can I download it, play on my PC. I’m a real newbie and got into some hicups re setting channels into monitor Mixes, and how to assign 4 channels into a stereo IEM mix.

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    Hi – can anyone tell me if there are any sample shows that I can use to create a basic set up of inputs, effects sends/returns and DCA groups, which I can then tweak to my requirements?


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    Hello – Is there any software/simulator for an Allen & Heath QU-32 digital board that I can train with without having the board present…….and possibly create new scenes for uploading?


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    Unfortunately Not that I’m aware of.
    Really nothing beats having the QU32 set up in front of you
    getting hands on ‘Fader Hours’

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    best you can do is print out a good color picture of the board
    and also all the screens

    then you can better follow the rather terse manual to see what is happening

    I printed the entire manual but it was bnw so the pix are too dark to make out
    color printer now broken and new one is still waiting to be set up if I can find a driver for it

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