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    Hello A&H. Seven months on, there is still no update on your software page as to whether dLive Director is compatible with macOS Ventura. In fact, the “Supports” note for Director 1.97 currently stops at Big Sur, after which we’ve had macOS Monterey (released Oct 25, 2021) and now macOS Ventura (released Oct 24, 2022).

    Might you folks find a way to move faster on software compatibility checks, and communicate better about testing progress?

    Operating system updates are automatic by default on most systems now, and often include security patches that are no longer released to older versions. Plus, there are many other packages that require dependencies available in a newer OS. Expecting dLive Director users to stick with outdated versions of their operating for years, or to dedicate an old machine to dLive Director, is unreasonable for an otherwise excellent product like this.

    Please advise. Thank you, A&H.

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    Nicola A&H

    Director V1.97 has passed testing with Monterey on both Intel and M processors. I will ask the team to update the download link.
    Unfortunately compatibility with Ventura remains problematic and still under investigation.

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    Maybe the Apple users should stress Apple more to get stable and compatible systems back.
    Since 2020 I read more and more reports about incompatibilities with assorted software.

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    @nicola Great News re: Monterey and M1, thanks. Would you be able to post the known issues with Ventura? It may be that some will find them to be manageable.

    @SteffenR Let’s please not malign OS manufacturers here. Testing during beta and reporting specific issues is critical; developers can’t catch every problem on their own. I do admit to avoiding the bleeding edge: I’m much happier running shows on the mature OS with 6+5 service packs (e.g. Monterey 12.6.5) than on the latest release, for sure. But by the time 13 gets to 13.3.1, most software should be functional, because most issues will have been raised and addressed.

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    Not trying to raise an Apple vs. Windows debate and will not engage in one, but I have not been able to wrap my head around the reason developers continue to exclusively support Mac and Mac Only especially when it comes to audio/video/photo development software.

    Neither is excused. I use both out of necessity because of stupid decisions that both companies make, but particularly from a business perspective, supporting the Mac has to be a nightmare considering there are zero compatibility layers. Plus, when Apple decides to make sweeping changes, there is no consideration as to how much that will impact software developers. From a consumer perspective, you just upgraded your OS and your software doesn’t work anymore? Too bad. Wipe your device and start over. Boggling. Terrible attitudes towards consumers and they don’t care because they can get away with it.

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