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    In band practice the multitrack recording feature is super useful. However, at the moment it’s kinda inconvenient: you record a piece, but in order to listen back to it, you have to go config/inputs and set the recorded inputs from analogue to SD.

    We make this a bit more efficient by setting this into scenes and using the soft keys to switch between those scenes, but that loses valuable soft keys. I’d much rather use them to control the multitrack recorder. Also, if levels or processing are changed we have to remember to always update the scenes.
    We could also record rehearsals only to stereo instead of multitrack, but it’s actually handy to have multitrack recordings available. You can single out instruments, use them for home rehearsals with the rest of the band as backing track, etc.

    For this scenario, it would be convenient to set the input to “follow multi-track recorder”:
    set input to analogue when the recorder is idle or recordig, set to SD if the recorder is playing back a track on this channel.
    By still allowing a manual setting of “analogue” and “SD/USB”, all classical use-cases would be preserved.
    By only going to SD when the multitrack recorder actually plays back on this channel, this would automatically work well for overdubbing one instrument if at some point simultaneous multitrack record & playback is implemented.

    Alternatively, setting the input source right in the multitrack recorder UI on the Home/Record screen would already be helpful. Probably easier to implement as it’s only a UI change, but not as convenient. At least we’d not have to switch screens or fiddle with scenes all the time.

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