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    Welcome to the A&H Digital Community!

    This forum is a place for users to ask questions, find solutions, share knowledge, experience, advice and feedback.

    Official support, information, and resources

    Reference guides, User guides, technical documentation, firmware, drivers and associated apps/software can be found in the ‘Resources’ section of our website (https://www.allen-heath.com/resources/).

    Many frequently asked questions and common setup queries are covered by articles in our Knowledgebase (https://support.allen-heath.com/hc).

    ‘How To’ and ‘Tips’ style videos are available on our YouTube channel, grouped into playlists (https://www.youtube.com/user/AllenandHeathUK/playlists).
    Live ‘Sessions’ on different topics also take place on Facebook, the recordings of which are available to re-watch at any time (https://www.facebook.com/AllenHeathofficial/live_videos/).

    For direct support, please contact your dealer or local distributor in the first instance (https://www.allen-heath.com/where-to-buy/). You can also open a ticket with us through the support portal (https://support.allen-heath.com).

    Etiquette and rules

    There was a time when you knew nothing. Please be considerate of others – people are generally here to help or to find help and whether you’ve been engineering for 100 years or you’re a total newbie, there will always be users here who know more and less than you on different topics.

    ‘Read the manual’ is not a helpful comment! Though pointing someone to the relevant part of a manual definitely can be.

    This forum is intended for the discussion of A&H products along with mixing and audio in general. Any topics or posts which stray too far from this may be removed without warning.

    Other reasons that posts may be removed without warning include (but are not limited to): Personal comments or attacks on individuals, Use of offensive language, Racism, Sexism, Discriminatory comments, Political posts, Spam/Advertising/Self-promotion, Posting of copyright material or Sharing of sensitive information.

    Repeat offenders will be banned.

    How to get the most out of the Digital Community

    To find previous posts on a topic or feature, you can either use the Search box (at the top or to the right of the topics/posts depending on how you are viewing this page) or google. To use google, just enter ‘site:community.allen-heath.com’ in a google search bar, followed by what you are searching for. So to find posts about SoftKeys for example, search for “site:community.allen-heath.com softkeys”.

    You can then either add to an existing topic or create a new one. When starting a new topic, try to include a descriptive title and be as clear as possible and include plenty of detail in the text. This helps avoid the first 3 responses being from other users asking for more detail!

    Feature Suggestions

    Each product has its own feature suggestion section. Please use this to share any suggestions you may have along with some information on why you are making the suggestion. If possible, provide an example of a use case for a feature to avoid any confusion, and also because there may be other ways to achieve what you want to do.

    Before you post, check to see if anything similar has already been suggested (using the search methods described above). That way you can ‘upvote’ (e.g. “+1”) an identical suggestion or discuss and refine an existing idea.

    The aim here is not to include every suggestion in future firmware or products, but instead to help us understand which features are most important to the community as a whole and how you would like them to be. In the hope that we can satisfy the greatest possible number of users with each release.

    We may not comment at all, but rest assured that every single suggestion is seen by A&H staff.

    A&H interaction

    A&H staff are on here every day, though will not respond to every post.

    Where we will jump in is wherever we can help or clarify things, when a public answer to a question will be useful or when an official response is required.

    To contact us directly, especially for anything specific to your setup, please use our support portal.


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