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    Hi im Adam from Malaysia

    Recently I just purchased the ME U POE HUB and the ME 1

    So I connected the cable correctly based on the manual that given to me to combined with my system A&H Ilive. Right now I link all the outputs

    PORT B CH 21 = ME CH1
    PORT B CH 22 = ME CH2
    PORT B CH 23 = ME CH 3
    PORT B CH 60 = ME CH40

    So I did almost everything but still can’t managed to get any audio signal not even a pink noise that I send thru my mono/stereo aux or mono/matrix aux. I’m still confused about the system routing I really need help for upcoming events gonna held end of the month I wish someone from A&H itself can help me guide me thru pdf file of the step by step manual from cable to mixer setting. I hope you guys would help me.

    Adam Zacherie

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    Nicola A&H

    Hi Adam,

    How is the ME-U connected to the iLive?
    If you are using an M-ACE card in Port B, then the mapping above (Port B ch 21 = ME ch 1) is correct. What is currently patched to your Port B outputs 21-60?

    Feel free to contact E&E in Malaysia for assistance, or send us a ticket with your Show file and more info on the setup at and we can look into it for you.

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    okay right now I’m using ACE CARD in port B socket 1 to Allen and heath ME- U digital card. I only use single cat 5/6 cable because for the name I use wireless network switch so I can access thru my phone or my MacBook whenever I want too..

    1) cat 5/6= audio signal
    2) cat 5/6= for name every channel on ME U and stereo link(correct me if I’m wrong)



    Channel 21-40

    Select output source
    start channel: 1
    end channel: 40

    what is the next step I should assign my outputs?

    system running
    A&H R72
    A&H IDR 64
    A&H ME U
    A&H ME 1

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    what you mean with channel 21-40? 21-60?

    and you can send input direct outs, tie lines or mix outs to port B ACE
    you have to define this by patching signals to the port B

    it’s been a long time since my iLive day’s

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    One of our ME UNITS has stopped mixing, ie can’t control all of the channel inputs. Sewitched it out with our spare unit and it was working ok with that unit engaged. Any suggestions as to what the problem may be and how to resolve it.

    Thx Steve

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