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    Not sure if I can post about this mixer here as it’s really sort of Analog, but here goes, I was asked to look at a mixer the other day a Allen and Heath GS3000, he had done some routine service on it, part of this was to clean some of the switches on the input boards, since then he cannot switch out the PFL. MASTER PFL LED always lit on master board, so unable to hear L&R mix over control room speakers.

    It seems that the switch cleaner he used has left a residue of cleaner which causes a high resistance tacking across the PFL switch, not anywhere near enough to bring on the input channel LED but enough to have the transistor logic switching see a PFL bus, as it will clear from time to time , but any use of a PFL switch locks it in again.

    Has anybody else had this sort of phantom bus problem if so how did you fix it

    Marconi 225

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    marconi 225

    Hi folks
    just found a Allen and Heath GS3 Series sound mixer service manual. This is very interesting as it calls up a section on “Care of Your Mixer” one item is “Faders, Switches, and Pots are lubricated for life2 so no cleaning is needed”

    I have never before seen a manual that, tells you not to clean from time to time your channel etc faders.

    Have any of you folks?


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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