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    Hi there

    Does someone know there is a difference in quality between preamps of the onboard inputs on the GLD 80 and the preamps on the Allen & Heath stagerack?



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    That’s a great question. I would have assumed they were the same. Do you have a reason to believe they are different?

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    I thought this came up before. Far as I know they are the same. I can’t tell any difference but haven’t done a test. That would mean that QU Pres are the same since boxes work with it. That’s what I love about AH. I can use my AR2412 084 and AB168 with my QU16 or GLD80.

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    AB168/Qu is different than GLD/AR since this is no pad in the previous

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    Nicola A&H

    @Hawk You are correct in saying the Qu preamps are a different, pad-less design, but the AB168 has the same preamps as the AR2412, AR84 and GLD mixer.

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    Someone told me the preamps in the stagerack AR2412 sound a but more “relax” than the onboard ones. But I can’t immediate hear a difference. Even with a DPA D:Facto lineair mic on a extreme lineair P.A. system. So, I would like to have a confirmation of an expert. So do I understand it well that Nicola A&H confirms that the preamps of the onboard GDL mixer are the same in quality as the ones in the stagerack AR2412?

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    That’s what he said, the QU are different but the GLD and racks use the same preamps.

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