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    I am trying to track down an SBC for one of my T80 consoles.

    The model is D2963-S11 GS-2

    Can anyone help?

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    I have a problem with the T112 Touch Screen, I can select but nothing happens, I need to click the external mouse for the change to happen.

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    Hi Anyone have experience with the D2963-S11 Board ? We had the problem after battery empty wasn’t booting up anymore. We could fix that with a new battery and start the board with the onboard frontpannel connector port. Now we have a new problem. System does not boot from CF and also only shows Display on External VGA. Want to cange that but BIOS is password protected. Anyone her who knows the password or even how to reset it ?

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    Have you contacted A&H support through the official website? This forum is a user group and not designed for official support issues with A&H.


    Password is admin if I remember correctly. I’m trying to find the PDF with the bios info for you. I’ll send it when I do.

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    Hey guys, I’ve been trying to get on the A&H forum for a long time, finally found out that it didn’t like the confirmation email sent back from an iPad, was finally successful sending from a Windows machine.

    Anyway, I currently have 3 iLive T112’s, a T80, 2 R72’s, as well 3 GLD consoles as far as A&H stuff. I had a Surface give me issues with the screen about a year ago and I put it aside. I had another surface come back from an install and IO sat it aside and it was working perfect when I put it aside in my cold, cold shop. So I was using the third as my go-to surface with whatever IDR brain was getting used for the gig. At set-up the screen died. That set me off on the journey I’ve been on for the last week, learning about the issues and builds of the iLives. Before I started, if someone said BIOS I’d go hide under a desk. But I’m a fast learner.

    So as others have mentioned, there was 3 different types of SBC screen computers used in these consoles. Because I see an adapter plate used to support the Fujitsu model, then I believe the Fujitsu’s were the last ones used. This is further strengthened due to an iLive service sheet that details the Flash memory card needs to be a 1G or 1.5G depending on SBC. The sheet does not detail the Fujitsu model with the blue 2Gb memory (mounted on top) so I would assume it came last.

    I will go out on a limb here and say the first was the Advantech, then the Axiomtek, then the Fujitsu. Each has their own Flash memory card. I don’t know for sure, but I will also assume then, that one must get the right card for the right SBC.

    What I have learned is:
    1: that you can’t run the same BIOS settings for different SBC’s. Each one is different and requires different values entered into their own perspective brains.

    2: Each one of these SBC’s have their own thresholds on what the CMOS battery will do when it gets low, or worse, completely bites the dust with a super low battery voltage.

    3: If you’re lucky, when the battery gets just to a point where the screen doesn’t work, you might get LUCKY and it might come back without entering in the correct BIOS settings depending on the type of SBC.

    4: At some point the battery threshold will destroy the operating system of the SBC, and we might need a new flash memory or, a new operating system BIOS downloaded from the SBC manufacturer.

    5: From my experience, the Fujitsu SBC’s go nuts first with low battery voltage.

    6: Using your Surface helps keep the battery charge up. Put your surface on a shelf and don’t use it and you will get a dead battery way faster. Moral of the story is use your gear and watch the drop dead date of your SBC battery because without use it’s lucky to see the 5 years. Use it all the time and it might last over 10 years. ALL of my iLive issues were because I’m a numbnutz and didn’t think about.

    7: I “think” that if you have a recently used Surface and your battery is not quite dead yet, that quickly replacing is okay, you won’t lose your BIOS settings. If your battery is near death and you remove that battery, then you stand a chance of wiping out the memory. What I did was create a 2032 battery holder. I screwed in 8-32 screws into each side to hold it, and give me an output for each side +/-. Then I used alligator clips to let me attach to the internal battery to get “jump start” or like a car, charge the old battery, OR, keep a charge on the SBC while I changed out the old one.

    8: The Fujitsu uses a replaceable battery holder so that’s cool. I used my alligator clip fresh battery holder attached to the back of the eject tab while I changed out the battery.

    9: The Axiomtek unit has a soldered in STOOPID battery. So that sucks. I guess one could try something like soldering in a new one but it looks like it’s daunting even for an expert solder guy, as well, you’d not have voltage for awhile while you did that. The circuit board tabs are directly attached (soldered or welded0 to the top of the battery. In this case, I am going to just make an external battery holder that can permanently “piggyback” a new battery to the inside of the surface.

    10: The interesting thing about the Axiomtek SBC is it seems from my experience is that it can suffer from a very low battery voltage and still be resurrected like Frankenstein. My screen was dead, but using the outboard VGA and external monitor I borrowed from my SC48, I was able to get a monitor screen, or at least after awhile. So while the console had no onboard screen, I attached my outboard 2032 battery holder to give it a “jumpstart”. By doing this, while it was booting up the onboard screen came back slowly out of the depths of hell. As time passed the screen got brighter. So that battery at least on the Axiomtek SBC heavily relies on battery voltage I would guess. At worst case (other than dead), I think you could get into the BIOS and get a working screen (via entering commands from your USB keyboard and looking at the VGA monitor).

    11: Like I said about BIOS commands is that each SBC has different settings. So the link to the Axiomtek SBC BIOS settings (provided on this thread) are NOT going to work if you enter them onto a different brand.

    12: With my dead as Elvis Fujitsu SBC’s, I tried and went to Fujitsu’s website and download their BIOS settings into a USB flashdrive. They have a download for that (directly for USB sticks) as well as a bunch of other files for that D2963-S11 model. (Note here is that the download comes up as a D2963-S1 not S11. That number did not match anything. I tried to boot from the USB (EXE new BIOS) by plugging it into the SBC directly (and unplugging everything else except for power). It did something and there was a point that I WAS able to finally get into the BIOS but then I entered a few things (like disable LAN) and never could get it back. Long story short, yes I cleared the CMOS memory, found the recovery jumper, etc etc but was not successful on resurrecting the Fujitsu SBCs šŸ™ .

    13: OH YEAH….if you are lucky enough to get to a BIOS screen, the password I found works on all the A&H SBC’s I’ve tried including the GLDs is…….digital – all lowercase. You’re welcome. If your SBC has gotten to the point where it loses it’s mind, then it will forget it had a password.

    At this point, I’ve requested SBC and flash memory availability and etc from my dealer but he has not gotten back to me. As well, I have reached out to Fujitsu for poops and giggles to see if they have any replacement usable SBCs. I am totally able to fabricate any mechanical plate, just like A&H did to fit the Fujitsu model on the standoffs that the earlier SBCs they used. So not holding my breath.

    My gut feeling is that the flash memory is toast on the Fujitsu’s. I don’t know. So even if I was able to get working something or rather, that without a working flash memory then I’m S.O.L.

    Interesting though that all my ilives regardless of screen issues still work, connect to the IDR’s and no errors, all channels come up like it wants to rock. You just can’t get a screen.

    I will post if I get any new info. I HATE giving up. I love the iLives, would use it any day over all the other consoles I own, including the SC48’s, Midas any model, CL5, Digico, you name it.

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    I resurrected the t112 from the dead fujitsu d2963-s11

    Write to me in telegram @alekseypavlychev

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