Beacon system for MON-FOH configuration

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    My proposal is to add ability to invoke flashing in FOH desk from MON desk (and vice versa) whenever desk are linked.
    This should go as following: pressing SoftKey in monitor desk should activate blinking light in front desk SoftKey
    to notify that there’s something that monitor engineer needs to inform FOH engineer through talkback (and vice versa).

    I’m not sure if there’s MIDI or some other data than audio flowing between SLink connected desks, that could carry the messaging,
    but even if not there should be possibility to do this using pilot signal (i.e. 30kHz sine to trigger alarm) in channels that
    engineers have already dedicated for talkback.

    The MixExtIn functionality is quite good in handling this problem but it works only when you have headphones on.
    This kind of beacon/alarm system could handle the blind spots of that.

    Because this something engineers need to invent time and time again, having that onboard would make Allen&Heath mixers even better.

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    1+ and it would be helpful for the MixApp too. Because especially with the SQ there are a lot people out there using the MixApp for monitor sound control instead of a dedicated console.

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    Sounds like a great idea to me!

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    To me too 🙂

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    route an input from FOH to MON and put an active speaker on it, and vice versa

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    … I’m becoming too old to carry too much stuff. Trying to get rid of extra weight (at least on gear).

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    …. and some gigs are to quiet for shout boxes to be an option.

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    Look at the Dante products from Glen Sound. I have have the little Dante POE speaker. And they have Dante call lights

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    If you use the same console (console + ipad for monitor), assign a softkey with a mute of an empty channel and it’s make light !

    But a good idea, +1

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    If you work with 2 consoles:

    you need 2 free channels on each console:
    ch 1: (TX console 1) use Sig Gen as input – route the Direct Out to to RX console 2 via sLink or Dante or Analog
    ch 2: (RX console 1) gets the Direct Out of TX console 2

    use Pinknoise – Gain on the RX channels + 20 dB
    Softkey to mute / unmute the TX channel.

    => the Layerbutton (A-F) where your RX channel is locatet will indicate the PEAKing Pinknoise with a nice flickkering when there is Signal from the other console send…

    Be aware of doing nothing wrong with highlevel pinknoise… 😉
    maybe a Sinewave of 20 Hz is less critical on a PA… 😉


Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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