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    Hey there,

    I just recently got back into the process of optimizing my system for Audio Applications as my System was always a little bit unstable when working with NI Traktor and the Xone DB4. Now after a lot of optimization and trial & error in search for processes causing DPC latency I realised that my beloved DB4 itself is causing it. This of course is a worst case scenario as it is exactly the hardware component I want to optimize the system for and as there are also no upcoming driver or firmware updates anymore.

    I already spotted the wdf1000.sys as the DPC related process on my system a while ago but it took me until now to realise that it is reacting to the DB4 itself (wdf1000.sys is a hardware related process so it could always cause problems in relation to all kind of hardware components…at least that’s my understanding of it). So as soon as I connect the DB4 the wdf process starts causing issues. Also as long as the DB4 is connected there is a certain percentage of CPU constantly in use by Windows “System Interrupts”. This behavior is 100% repeatable and it does not occur when working with other Asio Interfaces. It also doesn’t make the whole thing unuseable, it just means that I have to set the Buffer Settings quite gentle to give it enough headroom for certain hickups.

    I know I could update to a new Mixer. But actually the DB4 is still one of a kind and therefor I don’t wanna give it up. So besides some technical advice I would also be interested if other users realized the same behavior on their Windows system and if it’s common behavior with the drivers becoming obsolete. I would be willing to invest into another DJ Laptop, but I just don’t know if that would solve the problem.

    Right now I’m running a HP Probook with Intel i7 CPU, 16GB Ram and Windows 10 Pro.

    Thanks for any advice 😉

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    unfortunately none of the DB2 & DB4 are getting any solutions for driver related issues.

    The easiest and only fix I see would be to invest into a proper audio interface and use the mixer as an analogue device with no midi/usb functionality.
    Getting another laptop is just another gamble as mst macs wont work (even old gen Intel ones), Ryzen CPUs wont work. You are left with intel cpus on windows, which according to your experience isnt working either.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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