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    Hi, is there going to be any support for the DB4 to run on Big Sur. Due to software no longer running on my Mac I had to purchase a new m1 Mac. Only Big Sur runs on the m1’s so I am now in a position where I can no longer use my mixer. If future support or a work around is not being worked on please can you let me know and I guess I will have to try and sell my beloved mixer as this technically means it is end of line.


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    Pehaps you could buy an old mac with the right software and TURN OFF ALL UPDATES to keep your mixer running !!!!!
    I still have pcs with win98se and winxp to run software you cant get on later versions of win.

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    Hi doops, I’m Frustrated and extremely disappointed with Allen and Heath like you. They are coming across like they don’t care about this issue or its customers and as for user “volounteer” why should we all purchase an older Mac ? it’s not our fault! and is not a great reply to doops as the question asked was “Hi, is there going to be any support for the DB4 to run on Big Sur. Due to software no longer running on my Mac?”
    For this question we all still don’t know!

    Will there ever been an update?
    Is it totally Impossible?
    Is there a 3rd or 4th party apart from “Polytec” which can make it work?

    Apple told me that their was plenty of notice given!

    From this why should we trust Allen & Heath ever again. Just look at Pioneer and look at all the update for their products!

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    totally agree with you! I’m totally dependant on my Xone DB4’s audio interface in my Live and Studio Setup with Mac devices. It is not possible for me to stay on Catalina due to important security issues. And I am totally not ready to just buy an Intel MBP 16inch for an additional 2k € + just for this setup. Additionally i just had to get my DB4 serviced two times in 2020 which cost me 800€ for exchanging PCBs and interface unit.

    Please do something A&H and make it possible.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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