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    Hi, all-

    I’m hoping someone’s hanging out and has an easy answer for this one. Seriously, if you help me fix what I have done, I will mail you cookies…

    I am NOT the main soundbooth person but needed to try to figure out why we were only getting sound to the left side of the room and looking for the correct screen… and somehow in there I pressed/pushed something and suddenly the faders went to zero, and I can’t select or mute/unmute or really do much of anything. Touchscreen still works, and I can toggle the stuff on the right (Master/Mix select), but that doesn’t get the main panel responsive…

    Restarting several times did not help.

    Thanks in advance-

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    Hi K,

    Did you know something about the Layer Buttons on the left handside near the faders?
    They can change your Faderbanks!

    Maybe your normal working layer is “A” but you’re on Layer “F” and this Layer is empty?

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    Mike C

    As mentioned you may have selected an empty layer or maybe you selected
    a mix that does not have any send levels turned up.
    On the right hand side of the mixer what blue button has a light turned on?

    On the lower left row of buttons what one is selected?

    Not knowing how the mixer is set up and configured it’s tough to guess why the right
    side of the sound system is out.
    What do you hear if you plug head phones into the mixer?

    Was both sides of the system working till someone pressed a button on the mixer?

    It could very well be something else in the system has caused the problem with the
    right side speaker system.

    Let me know if you need my address for the cookies!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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