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    When using an Audio Rack, such as the AB168, with the SQ, is it an either/or configuration?

    That is … does the Audio Rack replace using all of the local mic inputs … or … can you use some from the Audio Rack and some from the local mic inputs on the back of the SQ? i.e. – 1-8 local and 9-16 from the Audio Rack. (similar to the blocks of 8 I/O on the X32 series)

    Or … something like keep 1-16 local and use the Audio Rack for 17-24 ?

    Hoping to see SQ documentation soon ! ☺

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    I don’t think anyone not from A&H will be able to confirm without seeing the documentation (unless it was mentioned in the Webinar, idk, I missed it,) but given that it’s a 48 channels console with potentially only 16x local preamps (SQ5,) and how the audio racks work with GLD\Qu, my guess is that it’ll be even more flexible than the X32 series: you’ll be able to use a mixture of local and remote preamps, AND there won’t be any “blocks-of-8” limitation like there is with the X32.

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    Yes you can mix and match local and remote I\O as you can with QU presently

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    Sweet … that is a most excellent feature !

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    it has an input and output patchbay

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    I do this all the time. Use local for wireless units or depending on stage wiring locations I may use existing copper lines to save customer money if they are already fitted in floor pockets. Then a stage box in a different location. Maybe run new copper lines from it to new wall or pocket locations or feed power amps or powered speakers. It’s completely selectabable in the source screen and I/O patch screens.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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