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    I can’t work out if this is a bug, an expected feature or if I’m doing something wrong!

    I set a scene which had inputs 1 and 2 set to stereo link. I saved this and was working on another scene where inputs 1 and 2 where individual channels. Saved that. When I recall the first scene inputs 1 and 2 are no longer Stereo Linked. All other settings are saved/restored across the scenes but this doesn’t seem to be.

    Any ideas?

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    Stereo linking/unlinking is generally considered destructive and not saved as a scene on most (if not all) boards I’ve come across.

    Page 25, of the CQ user manual states,

    • Unlike a Scene, Quick Start can change stereo linking of inputs and outputs
    and EQ Type. This can mean that recalling Scenes after recalling a Quick
    Start template results in an unexpected setup. To correct an issue due to
    different configurations, reset stereo linking and EQ Types to the correct
    state and recall the Scene again.

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    Cool, thanks!

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    what a pain in the butt this is, I ran into this tonight, creating a scene for my daw (where I want things stereo linked where its all usb) and things for live where I dont want them stereo linked… and lo… recalling scenes does not recall stereo links. I noticed it doesnt recall channel assignment either for 17/18, 19/20, 21/22 (i dont change 23/24 but i assume its in there as well) aargh.

    to me its not more “desctructive” than recalling a scene where 48v phantom power is enabled on a bunch of inputs. it still recalls… stereo linking should recall as well.

    having to have a piece of paper around with info per scene, to reset after changing scenes makes things pointless to even have scenes. meh.

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    Well it might be destructive to to change stereo link but in CQ A&H has added Quick start templates that does overwrite everything. It is annoying and destroys the use of scenes. I have added a suggestion to fix this Problem with Quick start and scene

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    A pity that the CQ doesn’t employ the same feature as both the QU and SQ were you have the ability to set “SAFES” so by changing scenes those channels highlighted with a SAFE won’t change.

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