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    We have a CQ18T in our rehearsal room at our church. I have set up and saved a scene for all instruments and all is fine. Problem is that almost every week someone has recalled a Quick start template and ruined all input Chanels. And because scene doesn’t save stereo link and EQ type I have to reconfigure the hole scene again.

    There is a confusion in CQ where the Quick start templates is basically a show and scenes won’t work after recalling a template. There is no way to save different shows unless you have a USB-memory. I understand that A&H use same terminology as their larger consoles but in this smal unit it only add problems.

    My suggestion is that you get rid of the “shows” layer and save everything to scenes. That way the quick start won’t destroy the settings for scenes.

    Quick start is a good feature if I could edit which template that’s in there. It would be great if I could save a scene as a template (when scenes saves everything). The default templates is impressive as demo for CQ but hardly ever useful in real gig situation.

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