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    considering of buying a 40-48ch mixer under 5000€ for touring with a theater show, I’m wondering how the SQ scene management will look like? The most important thing for us is to be able to safe recall a few parameters of each channel but not other : for instance eq safe but not routing etc…
    The scene by scene filtering option is also a ++!
    What is the closest design of the SQ scenes menu : the D-Live one? the GLD one? the QU one?

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    Well, it doesn’t look that this topic interests anybody else but me πŸ˜‰
    I guess I could find the answer by reading the manual of the mixer, but when would it be available?

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    i’m waiting too….
    for dicede to new sq or old big gld 112

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    For someone who can read the technical data sheet is agood source for answering such questions: https://www.allen-heath.com/media/SQ-6-Technical-Datasheet.pdf
    There you can read:

    The mixer shall provide the facility to save 300 scenes of the settings of the mixing system and these scenes shall be nameable.
    A comprehensive table of β€˜Scene Safes’ shall be provided to prevent selected items from being changed from their state when the safe was enabled. A comprehensive scene filter shall be provided per scene to Allow / Block each parameter saved in a scene from being changed as that scene is recalled.

    Enough information?
    Ah, and yes you can find the same words in the sq-5 data sheet.

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    People are already taking delivery of the SQ and surely there must be a manual like A & H supplied with the fist of the QU…?
    So why are they not putting that first edition up on site?

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    KeithJ A&H

    Hi All,

    Firmware reference guides for SQ will be released along with the firmware itself, as operation is so inextricably linked to it.

    Regarding the scene functionality it is currently closest to Qu – there is both a global filter and channel safes.
    In terms of what you can allow or block with the global filter- there are 28 discrete options which include things like patching, preamps, processing, routing and surface controls/layout.



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    Hi, and thx to everyone who answered the topic,

    So if I understand well and if the SQ ‘s scene menu looks like the Qu one it means that we can :
    – or “safe” a whole Channel without isolating its Eq or routing from its preamp, filter, or wathever.
    – or filter scene by scene 28 parameters like patching, routing, preamps,…etc but not specifically linked to one channel or another (GLOBAL filter)

    So it looks like I cannot “safe” the processing (Eq, dynamics) of some channels (or bus) while I continue to recall their mute, levels, delay, and routing parameters scene after scene (?)

    Which I could do on the GLD mixers for instance via the scene recall filter (see attached pic)

    Or am I wrong?

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    I think the scene handling changed completly since the ilive days…

    always everything is saved in a scene and only the recall is the point where you can pick your parameters that should used
    this makes it very flexible, but very dangerous as well

    and btw the dlive range is made for your needs… πŸ™‚
    but not for your price tag I guess

    and i hope somebody @A&H can confirm my adoption

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    Hi Steffen, thank you for your interest in this subject ; I work regularly with a D-Live and that’s maybe why I am now looking for a mixer that could offer me such a powerful -though obvious- scene recall filters interface πŸ˜‰
    But you’re right, it’s not the same project, and definitely not the same budget! SQ seems anyway to stay in a very good quality-budget range. All the other mixer on the market around that price (X32, QU32, Si performer,…) offer about quite the same capabilities on that question and after all, we’ll have to deal with it.
    I’m not a fan of Yamaha but I must say that the QL scenes menu are really well designed too. For the rest I find they are too expensive for what they do but that’s maybe why they are so popular in the theatres in my region (France, Belgium)

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