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    it seems that this recent update to the firmware hasn’t pleased everybody but its clear to see the immense amount of work that has gone into this update to implement support for the new S-link and waves cards, pfl buss routing, streamlined I/O patching, improved App functionality and the widely anticipated DEEP plugins(which appear to be going online shortly as web maintenance is underway) I, like many others am slightly disappointed at the lack of HPF on mix outs, mono matrix options etc however i am optimistic that these will follow in future updates and more important features have been prioritised this time around. Rather than be negative about whats not yet been added i thinks its important to appreciate what A&H have done so far, there are many features added that HAVE been requested by many users.

    Great work A&H team, thanks for the hard work so far…long may it continue

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    i do not want to complain, but I expected a bit more for the new Version 1.3. We all waited so long and the result is mediocre.
    Many suggestions from us were not considered. It is unfortunately true that every x32 in the content and possibilities of our SQ far ahead is.
    Only the 96Khz as a decision criterion does not help us much further. It is also only a matter of time before the other manufacturers follow suit with their products.
    Then it may happen that many of us turn our backs on Allen & Heath and buy other manufacturers.

    This is just because you are more concerned with providing additional plug-ins for sale rather than the classic standards of a mixer!!

    Dear Allen & Heath team, please consider your business policy and respond to the wishes and concerns of your clientele.

    Thank you

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    Does this update fix the electronic distortion problem with USB-B recording on the SQ-6 as mentioned here?

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    Johan Velthuis

    If you try to prepare a USB stick from a Mac. Beware that hidden files on the stick can prevent the SQ from seeing the update file.
    What I did to make it work:
    Format stick on SQ, copy the firmware .bin file to the stick
    Open a terminal on the mac.
    cd /Volumes
    this shows you the available volumes, the name of the usb stick should be there (NO NAME in my case)

    cd NO\ NAME
    ls -la

    remove all the hidden files (start with dots, below are examples, this can be different on your mac.

    rm -rf .trash
    rm -rf .Spotlight...

    check again with ls -la to see if all hidden files are removed.
    When all hidden files are removed and you see just the content that should be there, wait until the stick stops blinking (if there’s a led, otherwise just wait 20 sec) and remove the usb stick WITHOUT ejecting/unmounting first.

    Maybe the Allen & Heath people can fix this by letting SQ-Drive ignore hidden files when looking for the firmware .bin file?

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    Thanks for the update! The added tie in section for the I/O is appreciated.

    However, I wish there was a way to demo the new DEEP plugins somehow before buying.. I have a bad habit of buying plugins I never end up using, demos would help :p

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    Great … now my iPad isn’t compatible with SQ-MixPad v1.3.0 !

    Arrrrrr …

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    Great rotary level dB indicator!!! Not possible on channel too?

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    i do not want to complain, but I expected a bit more for the new Version 1.3. We all waited so long and the result is mediocre.

    I’ve been waiting since November 2016 for Waves to upgrade their LV1 system. I understand that the Soundcraft SI’s are still on Version 1. Waited so long??? You have no idea what waiting is.

    Thanks, A&H team for your quick development! It’s still not the perfect mixer. But I’m sure it will get there.

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    Try waiting for an update for RM32ai / CS18ai …compared to that every update is fast and full-featured 😆

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    @ Art: Soundcraft Si aren’t missing basic features AFAIK, even if they still are on V1. Six months is very long if you’re desperately waiting for things every other digital mixer has. And then to be disappointed is not good for customer happiness.

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    Thanks Jens-Droessler, it needs no further comment. I have also criticized the basic facilities and not the possible additional features of our SQ! If someone is happy with the waiting period and with a semi-finished product all fine for him. Incidentally, I’m not interested in what other manufacturers do, if the basics and standards of a digital Mixer already exist.

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    Had money saved ready to buy an SQ7 and nearly did a couple of weeks ago in anticipation of V1.3. Glad I didn’t as it just doesn’t meet my needs without mono matrix outs and so would now have been going back. Just impossible to do anything but the most basic of theatres without them. My 10 year old Roland M480 has them, along with an offline editor. I can’t move on and “upgrade” only to lose such fundamental features.
    Sorry Allen & Heath, but you’ve just lost me.

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    Almost the same as the post above: I was ready to get rid of my GLD and Qu-16 and buy a couple of sq5’s with sLink cards, but the new firmware update isn’t enough for me (I need HPF on all outputs and a LR+M or mono matrix option) and the DEEP plugins are way too expensive considering, as someone already pointed out, that they already exist and are already implemented for free on other A&H models.

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    This may not be a solution for everyone on the mono matrix but I’m doing LCR systems by using a dbx Venue 360. It has 3 inputs and 6 outputs. Each of the outputs has a 3 in mixer so any or all of the ins can go to any or all outs. So for an LCR I’m doing an LR in the left and right to get L&R. The C gets a mono mix of L&R. Crossover on the LR feeding 2 subs. So 5 of the 6 outs used. Could do both subs on one out. Then you have either 2 or 1 extra out to feed anything else like a foyer or nursery in a church or delay speaker. Lots of flexibility. Add in full processing and delay on every out.

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    After the update and after the purchase of the pack 1 compressor, or must we put the code. The code sent is not validated for any plugin.the plugins are individual the package is here..what should I do?

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