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    I’m sending my aux 9 as my input for my two track sq drive recorder. Two times I’ve tried it, first thinking it was the flash drive. I went on the approved list of flash drives and grabbed a new one today. Tried to record and the recording still has this super inherent high frequency stuff going on and I’m not sure if it’s a software issue or if it’s in my routing. Need help!

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    I had HF trash during the playback, so I thought it does not like 16/44.1 wave, resampled to 24/48 and it was still there, but much quieter. Then I found out, that if I remove and attach USB drive the effect goes away on both files. So yes, the player seem to have some stability issues.

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    I’m currently experiencing the issue that the SQ Drive controls on the touchscreen in utilities/SQ Drive/Multitrack are working with a recording (transfered from a computer), but the softkeys set to “SQ drive multitrack play/pause/stop” seem to crash the player.

    If I already have the track playing, it continues (and even when I shut down the desk, the USB access light still flashes until I switch off the device). However, both sets of controls become unresponsive, and the elapsed/remaining times and progress bar all freeze. Only playback mode stays responsive. If I try to start the multitrack playing with the play/pause softkey, it crashes the player without starting anything.

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    since this is not the same problem initially mentioned in this thread,
    you should write an official support request and a separate topic to have it separated from the other problem

    and the firmware version would help a lot

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    I have the same problem when recording on a stick with sq drive. I recorded a stereotrack fed from LR on a show last friday and there is very loud hf noise in the 10k+ area. It seems to be level dependent, the louder the band, the louder the noise. I use V1.2. Is there a workaround? Otherwise sqdrive recording is useless at the moment, it didn’t show any errors while recording, so you don’t know if its working or not…

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    I also experience an intermittent HF noise when playing back files on the SQ Drive.
    I have tried to isolate the problem to sample rate or bit rate but it happens for no reason on any given file.
    The same file would play back perfectly six times and then the seventh time the noise would be there, only to play back fine if reloaded.
    I also use V1.2 but it was the same in V1.1 The playback of the drive is unreliable and can not be used in live situations.
    I suppose it would be possible to record the noise as well causing that file to be useless, although that has not happened to me.

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    Alex A&H

    Hi All,

    If you could please start a ticket at support.allen-heath.com we would like to look into this issue further.

    Please include Drive details (Make/Model/Size), file properties, etc.



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