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    today is august 14th, i noted its about 5 days since someone acknowledge there is a problem with the server.

    i didnt want to be in this forum, i have been assigned to use a FAULTY QU24, that bugs EVERY 2 hrs.

    so i was so amazed by the page loading speed that i actually went to TIME IT. and yes, page loads are on average OVER 60 seconds. i remember the days when i used modems 14.4kbps …

    you guys have got to be kidding me right? do you know what this reflects on as a support forum with such dismal speed?

    EDIT : after i finished typing the above and pressed submit, it took 85seconds for server to register everything and a refreshed post posted displayed. 85 seconds. when i pressed EDIT, it took 25seconds, OK A&H … for 35 seconds you win a medal? *FACEPALM* . to add this to the problem/glitches i am facing on the QU24 board, this is not looking good.

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    Hi David Haughton, i strongly DISAGREE. i have seen simpler AND faster AND more INTUITIVE forums then this. YOU SIR NEED TO CHANGE THIS.

    EDIT : the above post took 98 seconds to post and refresh and display back on firefox. i even give it a 5 second discount sipping coffee, not looking at the timer. the edit took about 20 seconds. can you take the DSP module of the EDIT button and swap it for all the other modules in the forum server?

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    It is getting even slower. A Raspberry Pi would be an improvement.

    A&H, have you any idea how this affects public perception of you? At least some of us purchased based on interacting with the public forum. You are actually losing sales because of the abysmal performance of your forum.

    Only the most determined people will bother to even look here at this point, and the longer you wait to fix this, the longer it will take to recover people you have lost. If you ever get them back at all.

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    I concur, took over a minute to load this page

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    I was told about 2 weeks ago this was being fixed. It is either not or taking a painfully long time. I have spent upwards of 30min to hr just trying to get recent activity to come up then log in then get back to recent then reply to a post. Really awful. I notice activity is down probably 90%. Most regulars not responding. This has been a valuable resource for owners. It needs to be solved and soon.

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    Over 4 mins just to load this page! Jeech! This really needs sorting out!

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    Nicola A&H

    Hi all,

    The Digital Community is now back up. We have ported the site to a new host and updated the WP backend in the process.

    We are aware of the frustration this has caused among our users and will do our best to avoid similar issues in the future.

    Please note that the forum database has been restored to its last backup point, you might find that a few recent posts are missing. Apologies for the inconvenience – and for the last two months!

    Happy posting again.

    PS I have merged these threads into one so that all subscribers are notified of the update.

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    Nicola, and all the fine folks at A&H –

    Thanks for all your hard work and perseverance during this challenge. Now we can get back to listening to the QU owners whining about their entry level desks not having every feature under the sun, whether or not even invented yet. And thanks for the constant upgrades in performance and usability for all of your live mixing products, that we get for free.


    Tim Tyler
    Detonator Sound

Viewing 8 posts - 16 through 23 (of 23 total)

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