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    We leave our rack and surface on 24/7. Today I walked in to run sound for an event the meters were updating in like 1/8th time. This is affecting metering on console, RTA, and gate/compression histograms. For instance if there were to be pink noise going to a channel, it would take about 4 seconds for the meter to reach the level of the sig gen and about 4 seconds to fully show no metering once the sig gen has been turned off. Everything else is working exactly as it should with no delay, passing audio, fader flip etc. It should also be noted the metering on Director and 3rd party apps like mixing station have the same behavior. I’m sure turning off and on will resolve the issue, but not able to do that at the moment.

    Will update after the power cycle. Might be able to upload video clip of it later.


    Rebooting stage box resolved the issue. Usually can run for 4-6 months with no issue before a power outage causes a forced reboot. First time I’ve had to reboot due to an issue.

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    Sometimes it helps to unplug the network for some seconds.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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