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    Our installation fixed install:
    T112 surface, iDR-48 master with port B ACE, iDR-32 slave with port B MMO, wired in a dual rack setup, Firmware 1.94. ME-U wired to the master rack connected with ACE, 9 ME-1 heads. ME-U and heads are current firmware release.

    Since we have connected the ME-U, I have started to notice that the signal meters for all channels from the slave rack will freeze about every 3-4 seconds for a duration of about 1 second or less.
    I have also noticed that the ME-U sync request timing is very very close to the same duration and sequence.

    If I turn off the ‘iLive mode’ setting in the ME-U, the freezing discontinues, or if I unplug the data link to the ME-U the freezing also discontinues.

    Anyone have any thoughts or ideas if this can be corrected?

    One of the high points of getting the ME-U was the option of getting channel names from the system, so we would prefer not to have to disable the iLive mode.


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    I should add that it appears to only be the informational data related to these channels that is affected. The audio does appear to be unaffected when listened to.

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    freezing the metering could be a signal for misconfigured networks or something that affects the whole network performance

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    So I looked at the network settings tonight.
    The network is stand-a-lone with no connections to any other in-house network wiring. Approx <150′ of cable length from master rack to slave rack. Same length of cable from master rack to ME-U.
    Master rack, touch screen, and surface are all set with default ip settings. Slave rack is set at suggested address of
    ME-U is also set at default address of
    Cisco router connected to surface network port set at, DHCP enabled for wifi with reserved addresses from .100-.200
    Master rack sync is set to internal, master rack port B redundancy setting is set to off(link 1 64 channel audio, link 2 output only)

    I did an experiment, mapped physical slave input(say channel 70) signal to ACE channel 48 from slave to master. Programmed master rack channel 31 to ‘Port B ace’ input 48 instead of the physical rack port.

    Observed the signal meters between the 2 channels, the physical slave input signal meter still stuttered yet the mapped master rack channel did not, so the audio stream is not affected.

    As near as I can see/hear what ever is happening is affecting only the physical slave rack channel metering data stream.
    If I wasn’t quite so OCD….. I’d just ignore it, but I just really don’t think is should be behaving this way.
    Is this something more for a trouble ticket with A&H? I realize the iLive is mfg discontinued, but it’s not at EOL yet, and the ME-U is less than 30 from purchase.

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    Hi Underscore

    I suggest you contact support regarding this issue. Dual-rack with ME-U is going to be an unusual setup, so it is unlikely that anyone else here has the same system.

    Welcome, forum rules, and support


    – Jeff

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