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    Hello community

    I own a SQ6 in software version 1.5.2.
    So far I have 4 effect slots controlled via the 4 FX send busses.
    I have configured 10 scenes for my band with different effect combinations on the 4 FX buses and switch to the appropriate scene in live operation depending on the song.
    For the Global Filters, I only have the FX parameters set to allow, everything else is blocked.
    If changes need to be made to EQ, Gate, or Compressors during a gig, then those changes will affect all scenes.
    So channel settings of EQ – gate, compressor and fader are not switched when changing scenes. That’s exactly how I want it.
    Last week, I installed the Dynamic Trio Pack.
    The two main vocals and the bass each got a Dyn EQ in the insert (in FX slot 5, 6 and 7). Effect slot 8 I used the multiband compressor as an insert on the master bus.
    I have saved the assignment of effect slots 5-8 on each of my 10 scenes.
    If I make changes in live operation with the current settings, e.g. to one of the DynEQ or to the Mutiband compressor on the master bus, then the changes are gone at the next scene change.
    However, I want the changes to the 3 DynEQ and the multiband compressor to be unaffected by a scene change.
    How can I achieve this?
    I have already tried to protect the FX slots 5-8 via the saves from a change of the parameters during a scene change, but unfortunately this did not work.
    Kind Regards from Germany

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    Hi Rockaddict, i have the same situation. I already asked twice for more safes options. For example, when i recall scenes, i need the lead vocals’ multiband comp blocked from recall (its parameters must/could be tweaked all concert long) or maybe i’d like a scene only to recall a specific eq on a channel and have everything else safed… that would be very great for this amazing desk

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    Same here, i make different scenes for Reverb and Delay changes, but the Dyn EQs on FX 5-8 must be safe !!!!

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    thanks to hoernis and eric85ITA.
    It would be nice to hear (or to see) a comment from A&H concerning this topic….and the way forward.

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    KeithJ A&H

    @Rockaddict – As the SQ cannot apply recall filters to individual RackFX engines, I have moved this topic to the feature suggestions section (and you’ve already got some ‘+1’s!).

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    @KeithJ A&H – OK, I understand that it’s not my operation, (whitch was my first impression 😉 but the features of the mixer.
    That’s , sorry, not really good.
    The DYnEQ and MB Compressor are great tools, but with the current limitation in live operation they are not so usable. I think the +1s to my post show that.
    Is the feature on the roadmap for further improvement of the SQ series?

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    +1 for sure

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