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    Hi Folks

    Using an SQ6

    I am creating scenes for a virtual soundcheck and have a question regarding Preamp levels.

    Scenario – Three scenes
    1. Live scene – main scene used for Multi-track recording as well thru USB-B to reaper on a computer.
    2. MT Playback I-O Scene – Select this scene after the MT recording is complete. I only want the I-O to change so everything else is blocked using a recall filter.
    3. Live I-O scene – Finished setting things up using the MT recording and want to set the I-O back so everything is blocked except the I-O again using a recall filter.

    When I set the recall filter for either scene that just changes the I-O and block the Preamp but allow the Patch for Inputs, the inputs do not come in. I have to unblock the Preamp to get the input patching to come. in. There are no Global filters or Channel safes set, only using the recall filter. I tried this multiple times on the console but then tried it many times on SQ Mixpad with the same results.

    What I would like to see
    Step 1 – set the preamp gains when the band is on stage.
    Step 2 – Select Playback scene to change the I-O so during playback from the DAW the preamp gains are already set and digital trim is 0 and wont need to be changed at this stage.
    Step 3 – Any mixing/processing changes that need to be made based on the recording are made.
    Step 4 – Select the Live I-O scene so the I-O is changed back and the preamps stay at their current levels, ready for the band to be live.

    1 – Am I wrong in assuming I can keep the Preamp levels that were set during soundcheck thru the MT recording and then back to live? If so, some insight would be very welcome.

    Comment – I know I can use input libraries but they do not affect the Output changes required and I want to be able to recall scenes thru Bitfocus companion on a tablet to make everything happen in a couple of buttons (Sets up reaper the directories and project files, selects the scene on the SQ, and has transport buttons for record and playback). I have this working well but still need to fiddle with the preamp gains at each stage – rehearsal, playback then Live. I don’t have a lot of experience with this, perhaps this is normal but I just find it awkward and perhaps I missed what is suppose to happen all together.

    Thanks in advance for any thoughts.

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    if you are using tie lines for the recording, there is no need to reassign the outputs for the virtual sound check

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    Thank you Steffen, I will definitely check that out. I am not exactly sure how to make this work yet but when I get to the setup again I look forward to playing with it.


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