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    Hi there – I’m wondering if someone can help confirm whether the QU16 midi protocol will allow me to ping/query the value of a parameter without changing it?

    e.g. if I have HP filter on Channel 1 set to variable “120”, the message is:

    B0 63 20
    B0 62 13
    B0 06 “VA”
    B0 26 07

    Where “VA” is the variable (“120” in my example)

    If I don’t know what this value is, can I send a message to the Qu16 to ask what the current value for this parameter is?… and then it would send back a response (e.g.):

    B0 63 20
    B0 62 13
    B0 06 120
    B0 26 07

    as a return message??

    I see the protocol document has some guidance on “Get System State” for ipad / q-pad connectivity (which seems similar), but not sure if that’s able to give me individual parameters?

    I’m writing a Bome’s Midi Translator script for using the custom layer (with faders set to midi) to control weird and wonderful things back within the Qu… Being able to ping existing values would be amazing for my purposes…

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    Alex A&H

    Hi jBam,

    Sending a ‘Get System State’ would return the entire state of the desk in one big MIDI data dump. This may work for your application, as you can look for a specific part of the NRPN message:

    B0 63 20 – The channel
    B0 62 13 – The parameter

    Then look for the next message and get the value.

    So although there’s no specific get state message for a parameter, you could extract the information needed from the get system state message.

    I did this with my Ctrlr panel but never got it to work perfectly on the panel side: https://community.allen-heath.com/forums/topic/qu-ctrlr-windows-mac-controller


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    Hi Alex – great … thanks for the confirmation and info there… It seems I’ll need to work with that whole data dump arrangement… which should be fine actually… and I can probably use that for a few extra tricks to be honest!! :)…

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    If I understand correctly, there is no way to query individual parameters via midi on the Qu series (as is possible with the SQ, for example)?
    I think that’s a big limitation.
    My tests with the command “GET SYSTEM STATE” showed that the transmission simply takes too long.
    It is possible to do this once at the start of a session, but I always have to save the entire state + all changes made externally (e.g. on the Surface itself or via other remote devices).

    I don’t have the resources for this – and I don’t want to create the storage structure.

    Would it be possible to get an extension in the course of a firmware update?


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