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    Alex A&H

    Hi Qu Users!

    Using a program called Ctrlr (from ctrlr.org), I have made a panel which uses MIDI to control various parameters of a Qu mixer. The intention was to have a Mac/Windows based application that offers a good level of control for Qu mixers. It is by no means finished or fully tested/working at this stage, but it’s a great start for anyone who would like to look at developing something themselves.

    In addition to the Ctrlr panel, I have create maps for the DAW Control Driver. These are used to translate the MIDI messages used by the Qu and Ctrlr and appear as a Protocol option in the DAW Control Driver. You will need to add these maps manually into the Maps folder of the DAW Control Driver, which is usually found in:
    Windows: C:\Program Files (x86)\Allen & Heath\DAW Control\Maps
    MAC: Applications > DAW Control.app > Contents > Resources > Maps

    Changing/adding files in the DAW Control Driver is done at your own risk, but there is a section at the end of this message if you need to return to defaults.

    This panel (and associated files) is not provided, tested or supported officially by Allen & Heath and this is a personal project of mine. Therefore, any questions you have can be posted in the community, but not via any official support channels (such as support.allen-heath.com).
    Get started:
    – Unzip Qu CTRLR.zip.

    – REPLACE the file ‘mixer_map.json’ in the Maps folder with the new ‘mixer_map.json’ file in the Qu Ctrlr folder.

    – ADD the file ‘QuCtrlrTranslator.ahmap’ from the Qu Ctrlr folder to the Maps folder for the DAW Control driver.

    – Launch the DAW Control Driver and select the Qu mixer and Ctrlr Translator protocol.
    *Some SysEx messages are used with the panel (get system state), so please note that USB MIDI ports will work for all visible controls, but not hidden SysEx commands. Please use the TCP/IP connection for SysEx messages*. See https://www.allen-heath.com/media/DAW-Control-Help-V1.7.pdf for DAW Control Driver setup help.

    – Download and install Ctrlr from ctrlr.org and launch Ctrlr.
    *I’ve confirmed the panel to be working (for most things) in version 6.0.4 for Windows and version 5.3.198 for Mac*.

    – Open the Qu Ctrlr.panel

    – Add all of the .png files in the PNG folder to the resources of the panel in Ctrlr. To do this, select Panel > Panel Mode. The press on the Resources tab on the right side of the screen and click Add. Locate the PNG folder, highlight all PNG files and click open. In the Resources tab, press Reload. Then press Panel > Panel Mode again.

    Have fun!
    To return DAW Control to its default:
    Windows: Go to Settings > Apps, click on DAW Control and select Uninstall. Now go to C:\Program Files (x86)\Allen & Heath\ and pertinently delete the DAW Control folder.
    Mac: Go to Applications, right click on DAW Control.app and select Move to Trash.

    Then install a fresh download of the DAW Control app from https://www.allen-heath.com/daw-control/

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    Alex A&H

    For anyone that’s wants to see what the panel looks like, here’s a screen grab.

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    Thanks a lot!

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