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    I’ve recently wanted to expand the role my iPad plays with my live rig. This means needing to switch between apps on the iPad. Our QU-You connection has a login with a password. When I initially login to our QU in QU-You, everything is fine. If I happen to minimize the app or switch apps, it requires me to login again even though I did not explicitly logout or disconnect. Is there a way to stay logged in while switching apps on the iPad?


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    I haven’t found that way yet. My iPad(s) do exactly as you describe. Don’t know or understand why, I’m no network specialist. I’ve just learned to live with it and dedicate the iPad to Qu duties 🤷🏼‍♂️


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    KeithJ A&H

    The issue is that you cannot have a persistent network connection with an app running in the background as described here – https://forums.developer.apple.com/forums/thread/685525
    When the network connection is dropped, the app will logout to ensure there’s no mis-match of data, as all data is sync’d when first logging in.
    We may look to speed up the reconnection process in future, but keeping the connection going in the background is not possible.


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    If at a bare minimum you could allow a way to keep the password in the login box (like a remember me next time) so all I have to do is click connect, that would be a better solution than currently. Trying to type in the password while playing is a bit challenging, but just clicking connect wouldn’t be too bad.


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    With the Ipad Air 5th Gen with M1 chip you can have multiply windows open and switch between them. Best thing ever!

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