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    Nicola A&H

    Do you own a Qu mixer? We have put together a quick survey on mixer technology to gather your feedback. It only takes a few minutes and if you submit before the 8th of September you will be in with a chance to win a ME-1 personal mixer!

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    I took the survey. Figure it’s a good way for Allen & Heath to get an idea of what features we like/dislike/don’t care about and what we want to see them implement. There might be some great new features coming, we’ll see.

    Thanks A&H for seeking out our ideas and thoughts.

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    one of the questions was how likely we would or would not use a QU customizable control app.

    I don’t even know what that is.

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    Nicola A&H


    That question refers to Qu-Control.

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    I never knew it existed….. very cool though.
    New things like this should be introduced to existing registered users of QU products via email.

    Thank you Niccola!

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    This is just one of things I love about A&H and I will continue to be a loyal customer. Just completed the survey.
    Thank you A&H

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    I am blown away by my Qu-24 mixer and did take the survey. I am amazed that the apps are so powerful, fast and free. It seems A&H are looking for input on future directions. The survey did not provide a write-in section so I’ll be bold and add my requests here.
    1. Channel selection on 18 multitrack playback rather than forcing it to ch1 to ch18.
    2. Access to 14 or more soft keys through the apps to my QU24. Access to the maximum of any feature via the app where there is no horsepower limitation to the Qu-24 (or 16).
    3. More choices on the Qu-Control app such as arm/record/stop so I do not have to dedicate three physical soft keys just to QuControl them. Or allow me to assign arm/record /stop to soft keys 11 to 14 so I do not consume physical buttons. See number 2 above. Other Qu-controls… Shutdown, and ??? drawing a blank since no iDevice at home.
    4. Android version of Qu-Control.
    5. Next gen Qu-16 and Qu-24 powerful enough to do 32 channels.
    6. Next Gen Qu. All mono mix outputs with option to join for stereo. I know you have that loud and clear 😉.
    7 Finally, a Qu-SB-8 xlr channel for $400 to really compete in low end product market or drop the expected price of the Qu-SB which looks like CDN$1600 to CDN$2000. Once you hook someone on an inexpensive Qu mixer, they will be back for more. Once they buy the competition low end model, you have lost them for life… It comes down to an App familiarity issue. Low price=zero profit but = ton of sales and tons of customers. IMHO.

    Keep up the great quality product. Thanks.

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    How about a GLD survey?

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    +1 gld survey

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    Thanks for the opportunity to provide feedback and contribute to future upgrade ideas.


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    +1 for GLD survey.

    Do you think there would be a good market for a Qu 8 ? Smaller yet, for singer/songwriter, duo, trio, and good for the home recordist. I am a sound provider for everything from outdoor multi-band festivals to small duet/solo artist gigs. The Qu 16 works well for small bands, but something smaller would be nice too. I use a Zed for my really small shows, but going digital there would be nice too.

    One of the things that I like best about my Qu and GLD gear is that they can all share the same dSnake boxes. Redundancy and interchangeability makes these 2 product lines work well together when going out to do various sized shows.

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    I agree on the system interoperability statement.
    I love the fact that I can use my 2 AB168’s and AR84 with either my Qu-16, QU-SB, or GLD-80.
    That’s why I have stayed in the A&H family.

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    I never knew it existed….. very cool though.
    New things like this should be introduced to existing registered users of QU products via email.

    Really interesting
    I never knew that you could use this with iPad either?
    How did I miss that?

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    Would love a ADAT to DSNAKE cheap converter, as I have a very good 8 preamp with ADAT out rack

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    ADAT -> expander
    ADAT as a solo 8, or ADAT as top 8 with an expander for another 1/2/???
    Maybe multiADAT?

    ADAT out?

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