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    Hello to all,
    is there a chance to invent a “soft” power up / down to SQ to avoid the really loud audio pop at on startup and teardown?
    Especially thinking of power loss during show, this could be really a problem, or am i missing something?
    Greetings, Markus

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    Most all equipment induce pops. That’s why we use sequencers or have power up and down procedures. Mixer on first, off last. Works every time.

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    I use always, ALWAYS, an UPS for my mixers. That prevents me against accitently power loss on the mixer.
    On the other hand I was also disappointed that the SQ do not have relays on the outputs like the GLD.
    Currently I use the GLD stageboxes and those have output relays. So the do not produce popps on shutdown. Hopefully the DX will work the same way.

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    this is a good thought, i will try with DX, but what i see on power up, other than other consoles
    even from A&H like dLive and QU, i see the pop even on master out LEDs, so it seems to be introduced
    not only in physical outs but also in the logical busses …
    And listening to what happens it´s far more level than i expected.
    We´ll see.

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    we switch on the entire system, including the console, with one button.
    there is a light “plop”, also when switching off.
    it’s not pretty, but it’s not tragic.

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    We have just installed a dlive.
    We utilise a power sequencer, but still get pops as the dlive and mix rack boot up, even if all mix masters are muted.

    I’m considering extending the time on the sequencer to ensure all amps switch on after the dlive and mix rack are booted. This wouldn’t be a major hindrance as the dlive needs to boot up anyway.

    I assumed that with relay muted outputs there really shouldn’t be any pop noises.

    Has anyone had a real solution to this issue?
    At moment extending time delay might be only solution. Just curious why it happens even with relay muted outputs?


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    I try with a DX stage box where FOH and Monitors are connected, the ploc is significantly less than if we are connect directly to the console.

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