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    GLD80 here. Can I send to an AUX mix an unaltered signal from an input (microphone in this case) pre-everything (except channel off/on)? My vocalist can easily hear when I am using compressor and does not like what she hears in her aux fed IEM. Her IEM is fed from stereo aux 1 output controlled via the iPad app. She needs compression in FOH to keep her front and center in the mix but claims to have a hard time dealing with my compressor settings. Sometimes she whispers and sometimes she really belts it out!

    So I want to send her a AUX feed pre-fader and pre-compressor if possible. I have looked at the options but nothing jumps out at me.

    I guess same question for my feeds to my ME1 mixers. Are they pre-everything?

    Thank you.


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    To the best of my knowledge, the AUX send pick point is fixed to Pre-fader (post delay) or Post-Fader. The only solution I have found for giving a vocalist a unique mix is to duplicate the channel somewhere else. Change the source in the preamp menu, unassign the duplicate channel from LR, then process to the musician’s preference. Duplicate channels will share preamp gain, but they have independent trim.

    You can set ME-1s to pull straight off the socket, which gives them a dry signal and pre trim. Very handy if you need to adjust trim throughout the show and don’t want to impact IEMs. This would be a perfect setup if ME-1s had onboard EQ for each input. If your musicians want some processing, you can use Direct Outs to feed the ME-1s. You set the global Direct Out pick point from any channel’s Routing menu (pull up arrow).

    Hope that helps.

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    John, select the aux and go to the “routing” tab on the touchscreen. There are a number of pick-off points you can select between in the dropdown box in the upper right corner–everywhere from post-preamp to post-delay. Signal flow is preamp-trim-gate-EQ-compressor-delay, so it’s possible to do a post-EQ feed with no compression if that’s what you want.

    For a given aux, you can select pre/post fade channel by channel, but the pre-fade pickoff point is the same for everything going into that aux.

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    There are several options.

    1) ME1 Feed you can select where to pick them, Bottem screen pop up tab
    2) Per aux you can select the pick point (post headamp before gate, post eq is before comp)
    You can find this in the aux routing screen just below the routing tab
    3) You can make two faders of the vocals (1 for monitor and 1 for foh)

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    You guys have been very generous with your knowledge. I will try all these suggestions and get a great solution.

    Thank you,


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    What is meant by “bottom screen pop up tab”?

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    In the I/O page, under the monitor section. If you click on one of the output channels it will populate the section at the bottom of the screen where you can select the source of the audio. The default is “input direct out”, but you can open this menu and select something different.


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