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    Having set up a GLD 80 system with an FOH engineer monitor, I was looking for a master volume control for these monitors (by using a fader). I assigned PAFL to two of the outputs on the surface and placed the PAFL wedge as a strip into one of the bank 2 layers.
    However the PAFL wedge fader showed no function at all. There was always maximum volume out of the 2 outputs.
    Changing to PAFL IEM (i.e. assigning IEM to the 2 outputs and placing the PAFL IEM fader into bank 2) showed the desired result.
    Is there any additional setting that needs to be made to make it work with PAFL wedge? If not, what is the sense of the PAFL wedge fader?

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    Have not tried that or used the wedge out. I do use the IEM as a control room output when doing broadcast work. For that purpose it works but I have addressed on other threads that these need some improvements. They could use both naming ability and at least a GEQ and delay. Mainly EQ. I can’t understand why the fader would not work. That doesn’t make sense.

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    Nicola A&H

    Hi Burkhard,

    You say you assigned PAFL to the surface outputs. Have you tried assigning Wedge instead? As this is the PAFL bus through the Wedge strip fader control.

    Hope this helps.

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    Hi Nicola,

    thanks for your hint re. Wedge assignments. Just tried and found out that this output is indeed controlled by the fader. However I have only one Wedge that I can assign to the outputs, i.e. only mono output possible. As I was looking for a stereo FOH monitor, I will stick to the IEM workaround which does a good job.


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