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    A lot of the time when using the opto compressor it will change the comp ratio I select when I go to another channel and come back. It will stay on the one IT picks, only changing the ones I select. This has happened over all updates including the current one. Does anyone experience this event?

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    My SQ5 Opto ratio can only be controlled with the I-Pad: the desk encoder does not move the ratio at all. This is the only failure I have discovered in my SQ software.

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    Alex A&H

    Hi Both!

    This isn’t something I’ve seen or had reported before.

    Please go to support.allen-heath.com to submit a request and we can look into this with you.


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    Andre S

    @Hugh: I noticed I have to turn the touch screen encoder quite a bit, before it changes the ratio values. But it does change it. Can you try to give the encoder a full turn and see if it changes the ratio?

    Cheers, André

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    There is / was a failure of the encoders of the SQ. You can spot it very good by adjusting the EQ:

    And because of the “very long way” the encoder must be turned, to adjust the ratio (don’t know why A&H impementet this so BAD!) you can not change the ratio.

    So in short: i think there’s a hardware problem with your encoder. give it a try with the EQ you’ll find it out very fast!


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