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    Dave Meadowcroft

    I was trying to record 21 channels over USB B to Tracks live at 96 kHz on a Windows machine today and I kept getting a message something like Application has lost sync with your audio device… from Tracks Live.
    I switched to 48 kHz and it was fine.
    Obviously Windows was struggling to keep up.
    Any suggestions?

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    Dont use windoze 10
    If you are a masochist then apply the about 6 pages of fixes to windows settings that are needed for audio use.

    Get a bigger faster PC that can keep up.
    Kill the antivirus that will slow things down.
    Erase all crapware that phones home.
    Stop all timed/automatic programs from running.

    Still having problems then refer to graf 1 and the second line.

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    Dave Meadowcroft

    I’ve successfully used Windows for recording for well over 20 years, and it works perfectly at 48 kHz. I have recorded previously with the same machine without issues, but not with the SQ. SQ Drive works fine too by the way so it’s not a console issue.
    The machine is clean, not online, no garbage software or AV enabled.

    I’m happy to tweak some settings to get it working if anyone knows what they are that has had this or similar with SQ.

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    The 96kHz recordings stresses the system much more… try to increase buffer size first
    maybe you should try a different software, since Tracks is not supported any more

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    Yes – Windows like every other OS has its issues and some great advantages too.

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    This may be a case where an SQ drive to a quality external HD is a better 96K protocol if the limited track count will work for you.

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    Dave Meadowcroft

    I have a band rehearsing later today so I’ll check out the buffer size then although I think I set it pretty high as it’s not being used for monitoring.
    I have Adobe Audition and Cakewalk (I think it’s back to that from Sonar) as alternatives so I’ll try those too if needed.
    I have a Samsung T7 SSD for SQ Drive. I’ll need more than 16 channels though so would need to drop to 48 kHz anyway.

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    Søren Steinmetz

    Just a thought:

    When recording, it be on a Mac or Windows (or a Linux even), I always record on a different drive than the system one.
    That way the entire bandwidth of the audio drive is available, and no matter if the system decides to do any “housework” it still records fine.

    I usually use an external SSD to record 64 channels/48Khz or 32-48 channels/96Khz in Tracks (been too lazy to get my Reaper template done) and yet to have any problems.

    And I tend to have a quite high buffer as well, since I only use it for recording.

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