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    I’m interested in trying to pick up the audio content from a video being streamed from a computer over Ethernet to a projector. At the minute I’m connection to the 3.5mm headphone jack and DI’ing it into the mixrack. There must be a better way, any suggestions? Can I pick it up directly from the network stream?

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    Even if you could decode audio and video separately, how would you ensure audio and video stay in sync? Best carry on decoding it at the PC and get yourself a better sound card if the 3.5mm connection lacks reliability or quality.

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    Have a look into Dante Via.


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    Thanks Chris,

    Does this mean that if I fit a m-Dante card to my Mixrack and load up the software on the PC that’s providing the video stream that I can connect the two via a CAT 5 cable and pick up the streamed audio without any delay? What about linking the streaming laptop and the laptop using iLive Editor connected to the mixrack and using Dante Via on both laptops?


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    if you stream video over Ethernet the Dante audio part will not be synced to the video.
    Audio latency does not really matter because the video latency will kill your realtime performance.

    There are several technologies available to send video over TCP/IP networks and have the audio in sync or embedded in the video.
    But all of these technologies are not compatible to the ilive. You will need converters.

    HD-SDI or similiar protocols would help a lot.
    There are some embedder and de-embedder available for HD-SDI wich support AES3 or Dante.
    But most of the devices will not allow to send the stream over the network.
    HDbaseT is another way to go.

    What is your goal? To have one cable from FOH to stage?

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