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    How i can send channels IP 41-48 to ME-1 (GLD80)?
    In setup->I/O->monitor i see only 1-40 IP. Then i see on ME-1 (key for source) only the same 1-40 IP.


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    Hi Jan

    The ME-1 is a 40-channel mixer; there’s no way to give it more than 40 channels (apart from using the stereo Aux Input on the ME-1 itself).

    Hope that helps

    – Jeff, A&H

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    Leon BigEars A&H

    If you don’t need all the inputs 1-40 then you can cross-patch on the I/O screen:
    Monitor tab, select any ME channel, choose input 41 in the drop down – if you want a range then choose the end channel, you will see the ‘sockets’ being highlighted. Press apply. you now have channels #41 and above in your ME system. As Jeff says you can only have 40ch at any one time in ME, but you could have different patches in scenes / shows on the GLD and also recall different setups on the ME.

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    Very thanks, it help me. It is very easy.

    ( i was searching USB IP 47/48 on Monitor first screen) 🙂


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    How do I perform the same onthe t112 surface?

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    Nicola A&H

    Hi RG,

    Assuming your ME-1 is connected directly to an M-ACE card in Port B of the MixRack, signals patched to Port B 21-60 will go to the ME-1, as described in the User Guide.
    Using the Output screen you can patch any combination of signals to Port B 21-60, including MixRack Inputs, channel Direct Outs, and mixes.

    Hope this helps.

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    I will try this – as service is on Sunday….thanks. Any directions on controlling the IEM source volume into the ME-1?

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