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    I downloaded the install file from here:

    iLive Series

    But I don’t know how to install it.

    Do I need to use apt-get from the Terminal prompt?

    (The end goal is to to follow the instructions here to get it to work on Raspberry Pi:

    Editor on Linux?

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    Don’t use apt-get. It can’t help you to install Editor.

    But of course, use apt-get, or what other means you prefer, to install Java first.

    The installation file you download from Allen & Heath is an automated installer, equivalent to a Windows .exe.

    To run the installer, you likely will have to change the file’s permissions.

    Right click on the file, and under properties tick the “allow execute file as program” box.

    Then you can (I’m pretty sure) double-click the file to initiate the installation wizard. This will install Editor in a Windows-like way.

    It can create a shortcut on the desktop to launch Editor as a finishing touch.

    If this method doesn’t work, there are other more certain ways to make the installer work by typing commands in the terminal. I didn’t include them to avoid further confusion.

    Good luck.

    As an aside, I’m grateful that A&H unofficially supported Linux when most other manufacturers can’t be bothered whatsoever with Linux. So thank you, A&H.

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    Also note that the Linux version of Editor was designed for a 32bit environment.
    If you have a 64bit install, you will need to install the x86 lib file package. (Requires a 32 bit version of glibc, so libc6-i386 on Ubuntu for instance is the package you will need).
    More details here in this thread:

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